Sylvan Lake: Domesticity, Child Caring and Bearing

Sylvan Lake: Domesticity, Child Caring and Bearing
Down home folks.

Sylvan Lake: Domesticity, Child Caring and Bearing.
September 14. 

I got this message from my friend Jan today.  This entertained me very much;
“Anyway I thought you might get a kick out of this… on my Mac my favourites board contains 12 websites. I don’t know if you are familiar with the favourites board but as soon as I click on the internet my homepage consists of my 12 favourite pages in smaller view. But you can still see what’s on each page. So when I am projecting my screen on the board for the kids at school and on my home page is SEX by bigbeaver diaries and the kids inquire, “Miss Fitzpatrick what are those websites on your computer?” I am extremely embarrassed.”
Entertaining observations on what domesticity means while raising children…
– Comfort, in cleanliness, furniture, and standards of living
– Receiving a stack of three towels much like a hotel; two of which a guy like me is not sure what to do with
– Your own bedroom to sleep in, and not a couch in the middle of the living room.
– Kids that cry before going to bed every night because they still have playing to do
– A child’s full out laugh
– A lot of crying when there are two toddlers and an infant in the house at the same time
– Teaching your 17 month old girl how to say the word, ‘truck’
– Being 5 and standing in front of your father who checks behind you ears for dirt to see if you need a bath
– Being 17 months and making strange with me, confused by the fact that I talk like your dad but have hair more like your mom
– Being 5 and ‘just wanting to bury myself in candy!’
– Being 17 months and wearing a modern rubber bib with a lip to catch fallen food
– Being 5 and stealing the soap while your dad is doing the dishes
– Being 5 years old and going to change from your day-clothes into your pyjamas and forgetting what you are in the middle of because you are so excited which coming back out into the room in only your underwear forgetting that you are only half way through a job and having to go back in to finish it off
– Feeling awkward when your buddy is taking notes on your life


Nevin and I went out for drinks in the afternoon in Sylvan Lake to Chiefs, a bar that Travis and I once spent a lot of our spare time in.  Canada makes one heck of a great cocktail.  Caesar’s are so good that they are dangerous.  They are a hang-over cure of awesome happiness.

Caesar’s took us to Sylvan Lake Boston Pizza to feed our worms and we were greeted by an awesome Kendel or Big Beaver, one of our three or four girls from there.  I have been on a bender of friends that I grew up with for the past two weeks and it has been awesome.  Kendel, Nevin and I visited and hung out until about 9pm, just catching up on life and laughing.  It is so awesome to see so many great people in my life.  Thanks for this so far Canada.  And thanks again Sylvan Lake.  It has been a lot of years.

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