About Beaver

Well I am really glad that we are hanging out together at this moment!  My name is Stephen Harris, but most people know me as Beaver.  I am a farm-boy and cattle rancher who left his roots to live the nightmare and chase the dream, a persona driven by the relentless pursuit of revolving passions: travel, girls, rock and roll, beer and writing.  My true calling in life is to act as the medium between two worlds: the edge of adventure and the comfort of conservative living.  I like to do this, and I like to write about life.  Without better access to my stories, the human race will be cheated.
If you have ever wondered what I might look wearing only a cowboy hat, necklace, watch, bracelet, and guitar, well, here is a picture of my shy introversion …

Just where is Big Beaver, Saskatchewan? Well friend, look no further. I have found it for you right……………… here….

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But most of the time I live all over this sucker….
To reference awesome –
A) Big Beaver
B) Fundon
(You may have to zoom in once on the bottom of the map.  It seems un-co-operative lately)

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Van Vieng

“I meant to be here for two days. Ham, pineapple, and marijuana pizzas will borrow two weeks of your time.” – Anonymous

So, I have some stories. I have not been writing an introduction letter for too long and I have been wasting too much time not creating this site. In short of the long, I am a farm boy who grew up on a cattle ranch near a town called Big Beaver. It is a town in Canada predominantly of farming and ranching but somehow I slipped through the cracks and decided this hillbilly would become a world traveler. I want to keep this introduction short and simple and I will include much information along this journey.

Instructions on how to take a load off, included within….


So, come on in, have a relax and make yourself comfortable.  I like to tell a few stories and put up some pictures.  I am just getting what I can out of life, while I live the nightmare and chase the dream.  I am just a regular dude, who puts on his socks before he puts on his pants.  I live a life of alternative living.  And it rocks.  Foot to the floor and just hang on!