The Recipe for a Fascinating Day

Arambol, Goa, India.
18 March 2013

Want the recipe for a fascinating day?  This one serves three:

Step One – Get Ingredients and Heat up the Oven
It started when Carlos and I went out for breakfast, got Karel from the beach, ate lunch, and had a small talk about my idea. When it seemed like a good idea to all three of us, we went and bought LSD from ‘Blue Diamond’ restaurant for 1500 rupees each.

None of us had ever tried acid before, and curiosity had been tugging at me for years. This would be the day… in Arambol, Goa, India. The man who sold us the small squares of paper at the restaurant even had to explain to us how to take it. All any of us knew about it was from movies about the late 1960’s where people were putting small papers under their tongues. Upon deeper explanation from our salesman/trip-provider we found out that the movie depiction is exact process of how to go on an LSD journey: a small tab of paper placed under the tongue – some things are just what they are supposed to be. Salesman/Trip-Provider said that after a time, we were to swallow and ingest the small paper as well. Noted!

Karel, Carlos and I walked back to my bamboo hut. We were all smiles when we sat down on the beds. I turned on my iPod to cliché-play ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ at 4:40pm. At that time the three of us dropped acid – distributed evenly!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Two – Begin Mixing Ingredients  
Karel, Carlos and I headed into the jungle towards the giant banyan-tree. The tree is said to have once been visited and blessed by the Dali Lama, so it has a sense of sacredness. An Indian man has situated himself under the banyan-tree for six months straight. He just sits on the ground below the tree and smokes marijuana while he tries to achieve enlightenment. The entirety of this particular section of his life takes place below that banyan tree: where he sits, eats, sleeps…exists. I suppose he leaves to shit, but beyond that, people bring him the food he eats and everyone sits in a circle with him to smoke pot at sunset. It is a very popular to go to sit under the tree with him late in the day. As a result, there is a lot of foot traffic on the regular pathway in and out of the jungle close to the end of the day. The trail is really only wide enough for one person to walk, which makes meeting someone a bit difficult. As the three of us headed down the little walkway many people were heading for the banyan-tree and it seemed that there was someone at every fork on the path. We just wanted to be alone with our LSD experience, so we continued on the path, passed the banyan-tree, and eventually we found a kind of small clearing where we decided to hang out. After about 45 minutes from the time we had played ‘Lucy in the Sky Diamonds,’ we began to feel the wonderful effects of the acid.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Three – Add a Pinch of Hilarity
A laughing spree broke out among the three of us! It seemed to come from out of nowhere. Hysterical laughing at everything we could see was the first phase of the journey for us. Our cheeks and our stomachs ached from the laughter and all three of us had tears running down our faces. In the process, our vision changed and we saw different shapes in our environment. We discovered Ball-Sack Tree, howled with laughter, and made fun of it while we sat around. Everything seemed to have a sexuality and nature appeared to be a pervert. It was ridiculous and we were having incredible amounts fun giggling and full on roaring at the hilarity of it all. We were in pain from laughing cramps.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Four – Maintain the Recipe
Before we had taken the acid, we had all made a pact that no matter what, the three of us would never separate through the whole experience and we would make all decisions as one. Once it began to get dark, Karel wanted to get out of the jungle as the mosquitoes and bugs would be coming to enjoy us and Karel swells large from bites. Carlos and I wanted to spend time where we were in the jungle but we knew that if Karel wanted to leave, we would have to go as him having a bad time would probably change the disposition so that we would all have a negative experience. Karel swelling from bites would be reasonably unpleasant as well. Plus, we did not have any bug repellent. To compensate for that, Carlos wanted to build a fire to keep the bugs away. I told him that I did not think it was advisable that three dudes tripping on acid should be building a fire in the jungle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Five – Crack Open Wacky and Strong Energy
As a team, we had to make the trek back out of the jungle back towards the beach. I told Karel, “Okay, I am coming, but this is how I am walking,” and I sauntered along at a stride geared for a grandfather somewhere close to one hundred years of age. My very slow pace was not at all out of spite for having to leave the jungle; rather, it was just the speed that I was the most comfortable moving in my state. Karel got far ahead of us while Carlos and I were meandering along the path at perfect- for-us geriatric speeds that seemed to be the best for transporting our bodies. We had been pretty deep in the jungle so it would take significant time to get back out. Images and shapes in the forest around us were wonderful, vivid and fascinating. Somehow we just perceived everything around us in a way that we were normally unaccustomed to. I had never really given any thought to the energy that people exhume until I traveled to India, but I became consciously aware of it not long after arriving. And one thing that was clear was that the two of us very high on acid were producing an energy that was much different to the other humans around us. Animals in the jungle could sense something different about us; if only that we were easier prey for hungry stomachs. However, there is no doubt that we were producing a very positive energy and as we were slowly making our walk out on the path a wild cat who survived in the jungle decided to befriend us and travel with us on our journey. After Carlos and I thought we made our connection with the cat, we assumed it was our protector. Carlos said that he wanted to name the cat in ‘Forest-Speak’ language and told me that he felt that he should have been a part of the jungle for his whole life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had initially recognized that there was something very different about Carlos and I by our encounters with everyone else we met on their path into the jungle and how they reacted to us. Every single person we came upon on our exit walk could not stop smiling at the two of us. People were grinning from ear to ear in silence upon meeting us. Maybe it was the inquisitive positive energy that we brought that they could unconsciously feel. Maybe it was because of the way we were glowing with giant smiles ourselves. Maybe it was the way that we were walking that made it very apparent that we were momentarily completely out of our minds. In any case, people seemed very happy to have come across us on their walk…

Three guys went into the jungle. Three dudes very high on acid came back out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Six – Whisk in New Friends
With our protector cat, we reached the edge of the jungle line where the sand of the beach began. Karel was standing there, patiently waiting for Carlos and I. Two girls I had met earlier in the day were standing there was well. I was too high and stressed to have to talk to them at that moment, so we tried to be polite as we made an escape from their conversation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few stray beach dogs felt us reach the sand. They were immediately very aware of our presence. It was if the dogs thought, ‘Whoa! Humans with good energy! Let’s go be their friends! Oh awesome!… AND…WOW!…they’ve got a CAT! YEEEEAH!’ The dogs came running towards Karel, Carlos, Cat Friend and I. All of the animals wanted to be around us. I took it upon myself to protect the cat. The dogs seemed to be smiling and were having a ton of fun trying to get to Cat Friend who was close to me with every hair on his body standing straight up. I would keep Cat Friend safe…! I had removed a flip-flop and was using it flick sand at the faces of the barking dogs taking turns trying to get into my personal circle of space where Cat Friend felt secure. It felt like the whole of the population on the beach had turned to watch the fiasco that we were involved in take place: us taking care of Cat Friend against the Teasing Smiling Barking Dogs who recognized Good Energy Humans high on LSD. Eventually, Smiling Dogs who just wanted to be pals retreated and calmed down. In time, Cat Friend got bored of us as cats do, and headed back into the jungle to find other Good Energy Humans to protect. Without any further distractions, Smiling Dogs stayed with us all night.

Step Seven – Stir in Immediate Environment
We sat on the beach on the edge of the water and watched the day leave and the night come to embrace us. We were captivated by the waves of the sea and the rocks they crashed on, focused especially on the sounds. I was amazed by the sea-level views that attracted my eyes. Eventually, Carlos said, “Beaver. Get ready… Now look up.” My eyes found the sky and the stars. The LSD had provided us another very different high than it had initially presented in the jungle. At this point, all of our senses were conditioned to their absolute maximums together at once. The moon and the stars fascinated and absorbed us. We studied the shape of the moon with the interaction of light reflecting off and onto it for hours and hours. Above that, the constellations or stars completely mesmerized us.

Everything about nature seems so rounded and perfect. When total darkness came to our section of beach, we were about one kilometer from the rest of human life and human creations of habitat that looked so ugly and jagged to us in such a state. The light that man produced was filthy, pollutant, and hideous. Man-made creations could not compare to the perfection of nature’s beauty. When I studied light and focused on it, my visual perception was so sophisticated that I was able to see prisms coming from it and I could actually identify the shape of light itself as it traveled through the atmosphere from the sky to the earth. At times I could see a kaleidoscope of colors that mapped the light shapes in their perfect color patterns. I am certain that people are capable of seeing such things at any time, but our eyes today are trained to focus on trivial parts of life instead.

Step Eight – Include Copious Amounts of Intelligence
Much of the night was spent up to our ankles in the ocean, just feeling the gentle tides of warmth of the water running in to us and then away from us while we debated things like ‘How the Pyramids were Created.’ Everything we discussed was very intelligent conversing and there was a lot to ponder. Personally, I feel that in every day life my mind is about four steps ahead of any conversational exchange I am involved in; as conversation flows in the direction I have already considered it would, I normally have sort of already had minuscule parts of the conversation in my mind two, three, and four steps ahead of where the actual dialogue is at. So, in real-time, I actually talk four steps behind where my mind seems to have already moved. However, high on acid, I felt that my mind was at least seven steps ahead of the conversation we were in and I would get bored listening to the others talk while my mind raced off faster than words could ever be shared. Then Carlos or Karel would try to include me into the conversation with them and for me it felt like I was in a movie where a record scratches and stops. That record-scratch was actually my mind having to halt its momentum and go back, seven steps or so, to a chat that seemed to still be in the stone-ages while my mind felt like it was in present time and far beyond. I remember thinking, ‘Really, you guys want me to return there. I am way up here already. Come on and catch up.’ Also, it was hard because there was so much to talk about in the moment and there is only so much talk-time. If there are two of you, you can share the talk-time 50% each, but with three of us one could only expect 33% of the time to be the one talking and there was just so much more than 33% of talk-time to debate about the world we live in which needed to be discussed or at least completely considered.

Step Nine – Pour in Your Perfect Amount of Water
We decided to venture into the ocean in as safe as a manner as we could, everyone making sure that everyone else was okay the whole time. Carlos had to shit. I analyzed the situation of Toilets Near Humans where they were from our standing point. Being high on acid with a couple of great friends away from the rest of the dirty world meant that I did not want to be anywhere near other horrible humans. So, Karel and I came out of the water and I told Carlos to be a man and just shit in the ocean. Carlos stayed out in the water. Carlos became a man!

Some time later, long after the shit was certainly washed away, we three went into the water for a swim. When we came back out I took off all my clothes and told my friends, “I just need to do this as freely as possible. I need to feel the total ocean. Don’t worry, I will not do anything stupid or go out too far,” and then I went out into the dark ocean, buck-naked. It was an incredible to feel the water on me, with all of my senses so heightened. When I eventually started returning to the beach Karel told me, “Beaver, you look like Jesus, walking on the water!”
Cleaner IndiaI felt as free of any shackles of life as I have ever felt in my adult existence. After I put my clothes on, the three of us stood knee deep in the ocean that was making holes in the sand below our feet as the tide rolled in and out through our clever debates.

Step Ten – Check that the Timer is Set to ‘Timeless’
Karel, Carlos and I paid no attention to time, but eventually we ran out of drinking water. That left us with no choice but to reluctantly leave our loyal Smiling Dog friends and head towards the humans and our huts from the furthest edges from the beach where we had been most of the evening. We found out that it was almost 3am when we arrived at my place where it had all began. The time was a shock to all of us as our perceptions did not even know where to guess which hour it could be. Finding drinking water was a necessity, but it was so sad for us three to head into the village. Back to the dirty polluting humans…back to their reality. The three of us had a weary feeling with the other people we began to encounter who all seemed to be sketchy as we walked towards the Sports Café which we guessed would still be open late. It was very uncomfortable for us to see drunk people nearly fighting. Up until then everything in the universe, except that with which humans had impacted with contact, had been so gorgeous. None of us wanted to enter the bar to buy water even though we were all coming down from the LSD. Those alcohol drinking people were disgusting, filthy animals, and so far from the beauty of nature that they seemed foreign to the earth. We had been of a higher intelligence all night and now we were among the lowest. We were too apprehensive to enter the Sports Café and headed for a different dark café where Carlos and I sent Karel in to buy the water the three of us needed. It was great of Karel to handle the situation. The three of us then left the area immediately. The people seemed awful and untrustworthy.

Step Eleven – Let it all Cool Down
When we came back to our huts and each of us had a shower. The fresh water felt amazing as it removed the salt coating from our bodies that the ocean had given us. When we went to bed at 4am, we were all still a little high.

The next morning all three of us said that we fell asleep fairly quickly, though I did not seem to sleep very deeply. I had dreams that I started eating sugar again and dreams about removing my fake hair in a hot tub…two things often constantly riding my present sub-conscious. I guess there is no irony to it: both are the reality of what my brain constantly considers and both bubbled to the top of my conscience in a dream. We were all a little scattered at breakfast, but much less-so than an alcohol hang-over as each of us were dealing with that ‘lack of sleep’ feeling. We had an in-depth conversation about what we had experienced that night, all of us agreeing that LSD is incredible. It is the greatest drug I have ever experienced in my life… It was nearly 12 hours of adventure and fascination thanks to a recipe that opened doors of perception which for us had previously been completely unknown.

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