Cool Videos!

Carlos – My Bodacious Boxing Bud! My buddy Carlos in White Collar Boxing! Toe to toe with another man for three rounds of two minutes. It was awesome to watch.
I spent the first round recording the bout.
I spent the second round taking photos.
And I spent the third round yelling so hard during the fight that
I was sweating when it was finished.
24 June 2016
-Brixton, London, England.


The Roadrunners full concerts. Television recordings from Weyburn Communithon, 1984, 1985, 1986.
Milson Harris – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Roxene Harris – Vocals and Bass Guitar
Danial Harris – Drums
Mathew Harris – Bass Guitar
Stephen Harris – Vocals
George Karst – Violin
Wes Farr – Pedal Steel and Lead Guitar
Weyburn Communiton
November 1984, 1985, 1986.
-Weyburn, Saskatchewan


The Roadrunners – Roxene Harris – 1985. My mom, Roxene Harris, in all of her vocal power! Rhythm guitar – my dad, Milson Harris. Drums – my brother, Dan Harris. Bass – my brother, Matt Harris. Violin – George Karst. Pedal-steel – Wes Farr.
Weyburn Communiton
November 1985
-Weyburn, Saskatchewan


The Roadrunners – Stephen Harris. Me, at the age of six, singing ‘Honey (Won’t You Open that Door)’ with our family band, The Roadrunners, on television. My father is playing rhythm guitar to the right of me. My brother Dan Harris is playing the drums. My brother Matt Harris is playing bass behind me. George Karst is on violin. Wes Farr on lead guitar on the far right.
Weyburn Communiton
November 1985
-Weyburn, Saskatchewan


The Roadrunners – Roxene Harris – 1985. Where my eccentricities come from – Polly Parton – my mom, Roxene Harris. Rhythm guitar – my dad, Milson Harris. Drums – my brother, Dan Harris. Bass – my brother, Matt Harris. Violin – George Karst. Pedal-steel – Wes Farr.
Weyburn Communiton
November 1985
-Weyburn, Saskatchewan


The Roadrunners – Milson Harris – 1984. Where all of my charm comes from – Milson Harris, my dad, singing and playing rhythm guitar. Roxene Harris, my mom, on bass. George Karst on violin. Wes Farr on pedal-steel and lead guitar. (Unknown fill in drummer for my brother, Dan Harris, who was late due to bad highways from a snowstorm).
Weyburn Communiton
November 1984
-Weyburn, Saskatchewan


Sabbath! Black Sabbath preforming Fairies Wear Boots.
Download Festival.
11 June 2016
-Donnington Park, England.


‘Feuer Frei’ by Rammstein. Rammstein, playing music and breathing fire across the stage.
Download Festival.
10 June 2016
-Donnington Park, England.


AC/DC nee Axl/DC in London, June 2016. Angus Young, Cliff Williams, Chris Slade, Stevie Young, Axl Rose…the rock and roll mash up of the 2010’s.
What better voice can you think of to replace Johnson who replaced Scot? A replica sounding version of one of the first two, or someone with their own scratchy and very distinct sound that is nothing like anyone else? If you said Axl Rose, trust me, you thought of the right choice.
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
4 June 2016
-London, England, United Kingdom.


Shin Kicking World Championship Final. The Shin Kicking World Championships are everything your mind has probably rapidly assembled images of at reading such a title. Men are there to kick each other in the shins and toss each other to the ground. If you are looking for rural at a wonderful little festival in the United Kingdom, here is it…
Robert Dover’s Games Society est. 1612.
Cotswold Olimpick Games.
3 June 2016
-Chipping Campden, England, United Kingdom.


Championship of the Hill where four teams of five people were in competition with each other in a series of rural sports including:
– a potato sack relay race
– a bouncy ball relay competition to retrieve a uniform and sword
– a wheelbarrow race across obstacles
– a hole-punched water-pail race across a very slippery surface
Robert Dover’s Games Society est. 1612.
Cotswold Olimpick Games.
3 June 2016
-Chipping Campden, England, United Kingdom.

Championship of the Hill.


Click Speaking in Africa. Learning African click-speak words in Nama language.
22 April 2016
-Keepmanshoop, Namibia.


4×4 Sand Dune Off-Road Challenge. Having a great time off-roading and climbing the sand dunes of the Namib Desert.
16 April 2016
-Walvis Bay, Namibia.


Gorillas – The Wild Chaos of Being Awesome! Spending some time with the Hirwa mountain-gorilla family, headed by Muninia, their alpha male silverback.
Being a gorilla looks to be a ridiculously fun time or wild chaos. It is a life of sleeping, eating, and wrestling with your half-siblings all day! Good times had in the jungle!
7 February 2016
-Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.


Rwanda, Africa. The back-roads of Rwanda…And then,
…In Kilingi I was walking toward some caves and I could hear a the buzz of a children’s voices that sounded like a busy hornets nest from a distance. I realized I was coming upon a school playground, and I had a feeling that I should just turn back before they noticed me, but then it was too late. I was almost frightened as children stopped what they were doing and moved in a mob my direction. They were tripping over each other to get close. I have never seen anything like it. An older child protected me, trying to give me space. When I tried to leave, a man with a big stick had to act as security to escort me away again as they were running at me in crazy numbers. This must be what Justin Bieber feels like when he goes to Japan or what The Beatles felt like when they arrived in the US. It was wild!…
05 Feb 2016
-Rwanda, Africa.


Lions on a Buffalo Vs Hyenas, Jackals and Vultures. To our sheer amazement, the reality of nature in the Serengeti occurred. We arrived close to the scene of a buffalo that had been killed sometime in the night, and two lionesses were eating on it together while two males lay in the grass close by. It would be an intimidation competition with the lions, hyenas, jackals and vultures. Nature is fascinating….
13 January 2016
-Serengeti, Tanzania


A montage of world fiasco through my eyes!
November 2015


Canyoning Interlaken. Canyoning through a waterfall and through a stream in Interlaken, Switzerland. This is amazing fun! Nature’s playground!
12 June 2015
-Interlaken, Switzerland.


I Love Freaks! I gave this man $1.  He stabbed a knife into his nostril…
And the cigarette trick… Amazing!
July 2014
-Bogota, Colombia


The Coriolis Effect.  Water, draining on the Equator, and then a short distance on either side of the line of the center of the Earth. Fascinating.
June 2014
-Just north of Quito, Ecuador.


Galapimals – Animals of the Galapagos Islands.  This is the most special place that I have ever visited in my life.  The animals do not know to be afraid of humans, so they are extremely brave and friendly as wild creatures.
30 June 2014
-Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.


Tinku Fighting Festival.  This is from Tinku Fighting Festival in Bolivia.  This is the craziest cultural phenomenon I have ever seen.  It takes place every year to celebrate harvest since the days pre-Columbus.
4 May 2014
-Macha, Bolivia.


Scottie and the Cross-Dressers. Our friend Scottie, dressed up as a clown for the Carnaval parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, chasing Sloth from The Goonies and a couple of cross dressers. It was incredible and the whole of the parade in waiting was watching the fiasco as it took place.
Thanks for that Scottie!
3 March 2014
– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


A Goat for a Wedding Present. This is how your friend might react if you give him a goat for a wedding present. Congratulations Kimberlee and Luke Cobb. What a reaction….
Notable quotes: “We have a goat!” “Kimberlee, we have a goat!” “We finally have a goat!”
The look on their faces…. Better than we could have ever expected!
26 October 2013
-Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


King Cobra Snake Catcher.  One time I got into an argument with my neighbor in India. Some time later he caught a king cobra snake. I was suddenly glad to have not gotten into a fight with him, for any man who will catch a king cobra snake is sure to be able to kick my ass. But now I had an enemy who had a very poisonous snake at his disposal. I thought it would be a good idea to leave the following day.
April 2013
-Arambol, Goa, India.


Teaching A Russian English. This was a lot of laughs. R’s are tough…
17 April 2013
-Arambol, Goa, India.


Concert Summer 2012. Here is a visual synopsis of the best concert run I have ever been on in my life. This is my four-day consecutive concert run of summer 2012 in London. It was amazing…
12 July – Robert Plant (who sang four Zeppelin covers)
13 July – Soundgarden
14 July – Bruce Springsteen (Joined by Paul McCartney)
15 July – Paul Simon
That is just a ridiculous run…
12-15 July 2012
-London, England


The Rockshaw. A big thanks to Karel for his guitar work. Waaay fun night….!
Coming to a street near you…
9 July 2012
-Soho-Brixton, London, England.


Log and Roll. One time in Clatskanie, Oregon, for Independence Day we came across a log rolling competition. We had a blast. This idea must have started as a Native North American Indian game… Fun!
4 July 2012
-Clatskanie, Oregon


My Hero. And this is where my lineage comes from. This is my pa, playing the ivories, and making the people move.
He is pretty much the coolest man on earth!
22 June 2012
-Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan.


Branding Time/Round-Up. This is where I come from, this is home, and this is who I really am. That is me on the ground in the cowboy hat on the right. I am from a place that people in the rest of the world can hardly believe exists anymore. It is an outstanding place with an incredible way of life, great people, and good fun.
Those are calf testicles at the end of the video. Of course we eat them! That is cowboy caviar.
3 June 2012
-Big Muddy Valley, Saskatchewan.


Justin the Quad Star. After the Round Up at our farm/ranch, I asked my friend Justin to show off a little on his quad. Results still pending…
16 June 2012
-Big Beaver, Saskatchewan


Moo-ving Cows. Rounding up the cows and calves for branding time.
16 June 2012
-Big Beaver, Saskatchewan.


Working Class Hero. On the 31st anniversary of John Lennon’s death, Manfred Castañeda and I performed “Working Class Hero” at the Hard Rock Cafe in London to an audience of thrilled fans. I hope they could hear us at the back of the stadium!
Our debut act…
Hard Rock Cafe London.
8 December 2011
-London, England


Cars and Dug-outs. My friend Beaner showed up at home with a $220 car. We had fun with it all day, and then we decided to try an experiment. We were five old old friends. We drank a beer together, and listened to Mastodon as loud as the stereo would play it. We did the Thelma and Louise ‘shake’, and we headed for the water. We were all wearing helmets and had a knife just in case our seat-belts locked so we would be able to free ourselves, and everyone had a buddy to remember to help out, just in case. The landing was actually very soft, and Beaner had enough time to say, “Well, that wasn’t too bad…” when we landed in the water before the water came pouring into the car through the windows. When we got to the roof, I still had a beer in my hand, and my hair was not even wet. Awesome. It sure was great to be home and be a hillbilly again. That was so much fun!
24 July, 2011.
-Big Beaver, Saskatchewan.


The Day Lucy Died. January 28, 2010. The day I drown my baby. She had been such a loyal lady who gave all she had and more for 9 months. I just could not handle the idea of another man riding her after I left.
Amsterdam Canals
28 January 2010
-Amsterdam, Nederland


Garbage Can Leapfrog. Seeing if I could in Amsterdam.
It is a good think I did not find out I could not.
16 September 2009
-Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Unsecured Glasses. And a little while later we were driving down the highway in Australia and she asked me if I wanted to shake my locks of brown. It was a close one. You may have to watch it twice.
22 July 2008
-Australian Outback


Trans Am Driving Lessons. Lesson #1. How to Drive a 1981 Trans Am with a 455, by Scott Pratt.
29 July 2007.
-Bengough, Saskatchewan.


Trans Am Driving Lessons. Lesson #2. How to Drive a 1981 Trans Am with a 455, by Scott Pratt. No brake torquing. Just pedal to the floor.
29 July 2007.
-Bengough, Saskatchewan.


How to Impress a Woman. One time I met a beautiful woman while I was travelling. I asked her if she wanted to come with me to record me while I did something. I never told her what I was going to do. She seemed super impressed and charmed. We dated for the next four years.
4 February 2007
-Mui, Ne, Vietnam.


Prairie Toilet Mishap. Options for a used toilet.
October 2005
-Regina, Saskatchewan


Funnel Time. Funneling beer for my friends.
September 2005
-Coronach, Saskatchewan.


The Rockstar Crooner. One night during University times…Very late…
January-ish 2005
-Regina, Saskatchewan.