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Ask me a question about countries that I have been to, or about travel or work visas, and I will tell you what I know!
Sometimes I do not know much.  Sometimes I know a lot.

How do I track this guy down? Hmmm… Well, do I ever have a solution for you!…

A surefire to catch me is to ‘Like’ 
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You can e-mail me at;
 harrishog1@gmail.com  (if you want to be buds!  Stalkers can use getalife@f-you.com)
 bigbeaverdiaries@gmail.com  (if you have a business idea.  But it should rock!)

Phone? – Oooh, that changes often from country to country.
I would say, your best shot right now is Canada… +3062650018


Or, try this thing here that would make it seem like I am either learning internet smarts, or else I finally got around to hiring a computer savvy midget.

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