Big Beaver: Slipping into my Old Self

Big Beaver: Slipping into my Old Self
Bucks close to the farm.

Big Beaver: Slipping into my Old Self.
August 21.

I got up this morning to a stack of mail on my dresser old.  I am probably the only person may age in Canada with his high school bedroom basically untouched.  I went through my mail and thanked people for Christmas cards that I just received now.

My plan was to only be home for a few days but I will likely be home for a couple of weeks.  There are just too many people to see and I have too many plans.

I put on Wrangler jeans from when I was in high-school, a cowboy shirt, my cowboy boots and went with my father to my brother Matt’s house to help them work on the combine.  I find that I am the handiest person I know when I am on the road, but I am useless in comparison to my brothers or my father.  Matt and I took apart a fan in the combine cab, and took apart the engine, fixed some broken wires inside and then put it back together again and made it work.  It has been years since I was any kind of handy.  It felt awesome to do that kind of work again.  It is great to be home and I feel like I am slipping into my old self.  Today I picked and ate apples growing from a tree on the farm.  Awesome.

Me – “What do you think dad thinks of my long hair?”
Pat – “I like it.  I don’t think he likes it, but he does not say anything.”

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