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A Fantastically Strange Message

Waskatenau – A Fantastically Strange Message and My Mental Difficency

September 16. A Fantastically Strange Message. I received a message in my Big Beaver Diaries inbox today that threw me for a mental loop.  My mother is one of 8 brothers and sisters from a mix-matched family of parents who divorced in the ultra conservative 1950’s.  I often wonder how society viewed divorcees at that time…  My grandparents were undoubtedly seen as despicable sinners by that society.  Both of those grandparents remarried and had more children.  That made it so...

Big Beaver: Slipping into my Old Self

Big Beaver: Slipping into my Old Self

Big Beaver: Slipping into my Old Self. August 21. I got up this morning to a stack of mail on my dresser old.  I am probably the only person may age in Canada with his high school bedroom basically untouched.  I went through my mail and thanked people for Christmas cards that I just received now. My plan was to only be home for a few days but I will likely be home for a couple of weeks.  There are...