Big Beaver: The Guy I Was When I Left

Being a mechanic.

Being a mechanic.

Big Beaver: The Guy I Was When I Left.
August 22.  

Today I got up to work on a few things and when dad got home from coffee in town we went to work on his truck.  We got under the hood and changed the water-pump on the engine of the truck.  I was once again be the guy I was when I left Canada.  It took us three hours.  It has been many years since I did any know of mechanic work.  It made me feel good to feel useful.  Dad’s truck had been broken down for about a month, so it is awesome to get his truck up and running again.

We came into the house in the afternoon when is started to rain and set up band equipment.  Dad was on his keyboard with a guitar on his lap and I got out my old bass that I have not played in about 10 years.  We had a jam session for about two hours, playing old old classics that I grew up on and grew up hearing my dad playing.  There are not many things at home as special as jamming on music with my father.  It is just an awesome and fun way to spend a rainy day, being the guy I was when I left.

Pat – “Well isn’t that good?  Isn’t it?”
Dad – “Yea, it’s good.  What am I gonna say?  ‘It isn’t.’”

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