Barranquilla to Taganga: Pressured

  • Taganga, Colombia
    The coast of Taganga, seconds before a guy approached us in the dark to offer us cocaine.
  • Taganga, Colombia
    Salsa on the street.
  • Taganga, Colombia
    Dancing on the beach during a bonfire party.
  • Taganga, Colombia
    Dutch fun!
  • Taganga, Colombia
    Aafje. Three contries later!

Barranquilla to Taganga: Pressured.
Aug 1.

Girls drive me crazy…  It is because they are nuts.  I just feel like they are totally irrational…all of the time.

Marc, Knut and I went for lunch in a place in Barranquilla where there were chickens walking running though our legs.  I like a fun restaurant like that.  I caught a chicken and hypnotized it for them.  That entertains people.

We wanted to get from Barranquilla to Taganga, so we packed up at the hostel and caught a bus to Santa Marta.  A Colombian woman sitting beside me would have talked to me until her voice stopped working.  I had to put on earphones to hide from her.

To finish the drive from Barranquilla to Taganga, we caught a second bus to Taganga from Santa Marta.  There we found a hostel for too much money and headed to the beach where we were offered “cocaine” or “marijuana” every time we came across a local.  I would guess that we were offered cocaine at least 30 times last night.  I wish I could taser these people without consequences.  I am just walking down the beach.  I do not need to be offered cocaine three times in a 50 meter stretch by every person standing in the dark.  Good job scumbags, now I will tell everyone how shitty your town is.  I wished we had not gone from Barranquilla to Taganga.

At a small kiosk on the beach for dinner when we asked for the toilet the woman just pointed to the ocean.  I like that.  Dinner was with a couple of Italian women who I thought could be laser beams, but one of them told me I was cute later on during the night as we were dancing around a bonfire on the beach.  Maybe she was just being friendly…

As we were buying beer on the street, I seen a lot of blonde hair walking past and realized it was Aafje who I have met five times on this trip.  She was with two of her friends.  We joined forces later in the evening and Aafje’s friends were pressuring me to sleep with her all night.  I had kind of ruled that out of my life, but as we got drunker, the pressure from the girls kept on mounting.  Eventually when the bar closed and we were walking home I asked Aafje if she wanted to have sex.  She told me that she wanted to, but that she was not going to.  I think it was revenge for sort of turning her down in the Galapagos and not giving her any attention all night.  I guess all girls want to be romanced and not propositioned at 3am.  It bothered me because her friends had been all over me to sleep with her all night long, and when I finally presented the idea to her, she opted out.  As Marc and I were walking away from the girls to head to our hostel I said to her friends, “Thanks for pressuring me for nothing.”

Girls are irrational.  It is your last night to party in South America.  Why not have orgasms?  I am not looking to fall in love.  You are not looking to fall in love.  It is your last party night in South America.  We have slept together before.  I think you are cool and you think I am cool.  No I did not put in any effort but is that really necessary?  I like orgasms.  I am sure you like orgasms.  Why not have them?

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