Buenos Aires Cold as Heck

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I went in here to talk a bunch of smack. The staff seemed to be honoured to meet me. Thanks!
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    One wacky cat of awesome!
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    So, I needed an watchful eye of an accomplice when I went to steal an Argentinian licence plate for Beaner's garage in Canada. She came down the stairs looking like a jewel thief. So great!

Buenos Aires Cold as Heck.
April 13.

I was ready to get out of the Buenos Aires cold today and start making our way to places that will lead us to more warmth, but Irmante had wet clothes that needed to dry.  So, we decided remained in Buenos Aires cold for another day.

We went to a market and I found a journal made with a record as the cover.  It is one of the smartest things that I have seen created in a long time.  I am going to send it to Kelly at home!  I also found a scarf made out of a muskrat that I went back to look at two times and finally decided that I did not need it, but will regret not having it the next time winter casts it evil torturous hand on me.

I stumbled across the Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aires and went in.  I told them that I worked in London for a couple of years and I am the voice of the audio tour in the restaurant.  That brought a small crowd of hosts and waiters around me who wanted to know all about London.  But, it drives me crazy to walk into one of those places and some geek is hounding you to see if you brought your pins with you to trade.  No, I did not travel across two continents with a lanyard of heavy, metal, pins in hopes of a chance that I would find a Hard Rock Cafe and a geek inside who might go gaga over his new post-stamp collection fetish.  No!  I am not going to help you to be a bigger geek, geek!

I came back to the house to find Mariam and we went out for dinner at a Argentinian restaurant where there were about 9 people on stage who sang out of key, but that could not hold the attention of the father next to us who was all over his 5 year old son every time he flinched a muscle or made a sound louder than a breath!

At about 2:20am, after we were home in the Buenos Aires cold, I went to get Irmante to see if she would be my accomplice in crime in stealing an Argentinean licence plate for Beaner’s garage at home in Canada.  She came downstairs wearing a black toque with all of her blond hair tucked underneath of it.  She looked like a jewel thief.  We went for a walk in the quiet late Sunday house and eventually I stole a licence plate off a crappy VW parked just down the street from the house.  I used a butter-knife for a screwdriver and had the plate in my hands in about 35 seconds.  Success!

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