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Bolivia is Beautiful

Bolivia is Beautiful

Bolivia is Beautiful. April 27. It was a ‘by-myself’ kind of day, and that was totally awesome.  It has been a long time since I fought the Spanish speaking war alone.  And I am terrible at it, but sometimes it is great to just get through it and try to communicate with my 36 33 word vocabulary without someone interjecting with their more useful and fancy Spanish words. Roberta was heading to Sucre as well, but I waited her out and let...

Buenos Aires cold

Buenos Aires Cold as Heck

Buenos Aires Cold as Heck. April 13. I was ready to get out of the Buenos Aires cold today and start making our way to places that will lead us to more warmth, but Irmante had wet clothes that needed to dry.  So, we decided remained in Buenos Aires cold for another day. We went to a market and I found a journal made with a record as the cover.  It is one of the smartest things that I have seen...