Sucre: The Gringo Trail

Sucre: The Gringo Trail
Traffic police.

Sucre: The Gringo Trail.
April 28.

I hung out all day with a French girl.  She speaks good Spanish and helped me to sort out some things that need to be done in my life.  I do not speak good Spanish.  That makes sorting out my life a bit of a hassle.  It is just a bit tricky to try to deal with a guy in a shop about making new Beaver sticker and trying to get a camera man to understand what he has to fix.

We spent most of the day walking around talking to Spanish schools.  I need some work.  She things she needs work.  We were at three different schools.  I told one of the school coordinators that I have no knowledge of Spanish, but that I probably only needed three days of classes because I am a really quick learner.  The guy missed my sarcasm and just looked at me in confusion.  Clearly, he is not a quick learner.

The government of Bolivia has to employ people to direct traffic who stand in the middle of the street in busy intersections to sort the flow of traffic.  The traffic police in Bolivia wear zebra costumes as uniforms, and their energy levels are out of this world as they jump around and send cars in each directions.  These are government employees.  This is amazing!

At night, I went to a bar to watch a movie called ‘The Devil’s Miner,’ which was about the mines in Potosi that followed a 14 year old mine working boy around.  I walked into the bar and I knew four different groups of people from other parts of my travels here in Bolivia that were really happy to see me.  I felt like a star in the bar.  That is the difference of travelling alone or traveling with a good friend where you do not bother to make other friends.  I am in the middle of the thick highway of the gringo trail.

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