Learning Rio de Janeiro Carnaval

Rio de Janeiro Carnaval
Where's Beaver

March 2.
Rio de Janeiro Carnaval.
After a late start, Csilla, Cash, Irmante and I got down the hill to meet Scottie, Shanna, and Marie.  It turns out that Christine is Marie.  I blew that.  We went and found a blocko party and a band was on a tall trailer, and they were called New Kids on the Blocko.  They played New Kids on the Block, Spice Girls, N-Sync, and Backstreet Boys.  The music was terrible, but the party was fun.  We just hung out and drank beer and danced occasionally.  Marie got too drunk again and Scottie had to take her back to the hotel.  She is a trauma surgeon in Sweden.  She must have spent her semesters studying rather that building up an alcohol tolerance.

I was having fun but it was a nightmare to unload ingested beer.  The girls had a trick where they would go to the beach, sit close to the water but not in it, and pee in the sand.  So, I developed a new trick where I would also sit in the sand, and I would put my cowboy hat above my crotch, and I would whip it out and pee in the sand between my legs, camouflaged by my hat.

Shanna seemed to be kind of touchy.  I mentioned it to Irmante.  Shanna and I started holding hands.  When we were separated from the rest of the crew and dancing, we made out.  Nice.  Then, when we got back to the rest of the crew they told us that they all wanted to go home so that we could get a good rest and have a huge day tomorrow.  That was right after the make-out.  Poorly executed timing by my crew.  Shanna and Scottie went back to their hotel and the rest of us went home.  It was 9pm.  I was in bed my 11pm and mildly disappointed.

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