Máncora: Here Comes the Sun (♬Dee Dee Dee Dee Deeee♬)

  • Máncora, Peru
    That is fun.
  • Máncora, Peru
    A rad bird. Maybe he is a fighter.
  • Máncora, Peru
    Hairless dogs. They have a higher body temperature and are often owned by people with arthritis.
  • Máncora, Peru
    Remote controlled kids playcar. Why did I not think of this? It has German mindset written all over it.
  • Máncora, Peru
    Everyone has 'that' buddy...

Máncora: Here Comes the Sun (♬Dee Dee Dee Dee Deeee♬).
June 5

I found a lousy hostel for S/$20 per night that is right on the beach front where loud waves crash right below my room.  Rad.  Ah, Here Comes the Sun.  I have wanted this for a long time…  Maybe I have found a temporary home.  I went for lunch and a walk around town to find out that I know no one in town.  I have made so many miles so fast in search of heat that I am ahead of the gringo cloud of people that I have been associated with and around from town to town pretty much ever since I left San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.  I am now the trailblazer on the gringo trail.

I spent the afternoon teasing a crab that I met on the beach.  We had a good time together but he was plenty apprehensive of me.  Then went on a walk for at least 10 kms down the beach and cost line.  That is almost like meditation for me as I work on thought in my mind and have vocally have quiet conversations with myself that I need to have with people in my life.  It is weird, but it has to be healthy to get it out and iron it out in your mind, although I am sure that anyone actually paying attention and realizing that I am not singing would probably question the beach walker’s sanity.  It is amazing though how when you walk in one direction, for a hour or two you can be so deep into your mind that you lose conception of how far you have actually travelled until you look back.  Then when you turn around, like a wave filling sand holes on the beach, all of that depth you had been to inside of your brain fills in and on the walk back you start a new page and it is difficult to retrieve the position you were mentally in during your initial direction.  So, I turned around again to continue the way that I had originally been travelling and I was able to sink into that thoughts I had been working on.  Psychology is fascinating.

I have had George Harrison in my head all day, Here Comes the Sun (♬Dee Dee Dee Dee Deeee♬).  It is so nice….

The ocean is warm enough to swim in.  Swimming!  Amazing.  It has been a long time!  I worked on some writing and at night I went out for a couple of beer.  My Spanish is terrible and it really makes communication tough.  My shitty lackluster vocabulary sure makes getting around so difficult sometimes.  It is very frustrating when a Peruvian girl is running her hands through your hair to pull your curls and is touching you with any excuse she could find to make contact while she was working, and your few words of Spanish are mostly about ordering beer or asking where the bathroom is located or telling her that you like beef better than chicken.  Just ordering meals is actually a hassle.  I really need to improve this to make life easier.

Here Comes the Sun, and I say, It’s alright……

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