Sundre: What the Cowgirls Do

Sundre: What the Cowgirls Do
Big Beaver boot mentality?

Sundre: What the Cowgirls Do.
September 9.  

You can really dig through your past when you spend time with someone you grew up with that you have really seen in about 25 years.  It takes a little while for conversations and characters to flow naturally as you show each other who you are today.  Then you just feel so proud of what the other has become with their life.

Priscilla and I spent the morning looking at pictures of our childhoods.  She has pictures of us as children that I have never seen before.  And she has class pictures of us from Big Beaver school.  I did a head-count; when I was in kindergarten there were 12 of us from K to grade two in the same classroom.  There is also a picture of our entire school together and there were 33 of us from kindergarten to grade 8.  Edjumacation beginnings…

Priscilla cooked a dinner for us and a couple of her friends she invited out to her acreage.  We had a blazing fire in the woodstove because it is that cold in Alberta Canada in early September.  Canada’s weather is shameful right now…

I forget how tough and hard working cowgirls are.  I am sure that Priscilla, a gorgeous little thing from Big Beaver could probably take me in a fist-fight.  She barrel-races and breaks horses for other people.  I told this her, “When I travel the world I am a biggest cowboy anyone has ever met.  Then when I meet you I am embarrassed by my cowboyness and I now hope that none of my European friends ever actually meet you!”  Cowgirls are awesome.  It has been really cool to be here.  The picture displayed is both of our cowboy boots.  Yea, my boots are the most far out cowboy boots I could find when I was buying a new pair.  I got to her house and she had the girl version of the same boots.  Cowgirls and cowboys.  It must be a Big Beaver connection.

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