Coronach: Universal Thoughts with Mike

If the cook doesn't get back soon I'm going to have to buy us some bologna.

— Dad on Pat being away in the city.

Coronach: Universal Thoughts with Mike.
August 23.  

It is raining like crazy here.  There is far too much rain.  The earth here is saturated.  It has been two days of rain, at a lousy time.  Had the sun been shining my family would be in the fields harvesting.  I wish that was happening as I would like to be a part of that while I am home.

I spend the day with dad and then Michael came to pick me up from the farm to take me to Coronach.  I went to see mom and Doug.  Mom is really falling apart mentally.  She has probably never looked better in my whole like.  She looks incredible but her mind is really slipping.  It is really hard to see.  I can see how much she missed me, and there is a great shine in her eyes and a wonderful glow in her face, but she is not really with us.  She has such a wonderful man who takes care of her.  Thank goodness for Doug.  He is her guardian angel.

After supper, Doug and mom drove me to Mike’s house to see his ladies.  His girls are growing so fast and they are cute.  I like the way that he and Vanessa are raising those girls.  Mike is a real parent, not just a father.  They raise their girls instead of putting an i-Pad in their hands to keep them busy.  It is awesome and beautiful to see someone whose entire focus is their family.  I liked the way that there was a spider in the house and instead of the little girls freaking out they gathered around it with Mike, who caught it in his hands and took it outside to set it free; a lesson to those girls not to be afraid of things unnecessarily.  And spiders will probably never scare those girls now…

Mike and I watched a show called ‘Cosmos – A Personal Voyage’ about the universe.  That provided crazy universal thoughts.  Science has observed millions of galaxies as far as 13 billion light years away.  That is as far as can be seen at this point because this galaxy was formed 13 billion years ago.  Anything further than 13 billion light years away is undiscovered to us because the light from any distance beyond that has not had enough time to reach us yet.  Fascinating universal thoughts…

Beer with a solid buddy.

Beer with a solid buddy.

We drank beer until about 3am.  It is really nice to be home.  I was so used to the feeling on the road of how it is to meet people who pass though my life that the only feeling I have had lately is the meeting of travel people.  I had forgotten the feeling of being around people who love me.  It is a very special and warm feeling that is sort of overwhelming to be a part of again.

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