Walvis Bay: Opposite Day

Walvis Bay.

April 10
Lala woke me up at 08:00 because she had prepared breakfast for me.  Julia, right behind her, had a nice morning shine and sat with me for breakfast.

Today would turn out to be Opposite Day!  Awesome Opposite Day.

Play this while you read.  I heard this today.  It has been years since I heard this song.  Somehow I forgot how great the Bellamy Brothers were.  This is a beautiful song…

Well, today went down like this…

I had a really nice breakfast with my friend from Belarus.  We had a really nice chat and having breakfast with a beautiful woman is a pleasant way to start the day.

…Now do not get the wrong idea because of the song.  Some romance is going to be involved in this story, but not quite like the song makes it sound.  I just wanted you to enjoy the tune that has been revived in my memory…

[su_quote]Because of today, my mind has been opened to the country of Belarus[/su_quote]

Because of today, my mind has been opened to the country of Belarus.  I had no idea of anything about the country before other than knowing that it was formerly a part of the U.S.S.R, and the occasional hockey player makes it to the National Hockey League from there.  Julia told me that it is a beautiful, sweet and innocent country of conformity.  Everyone marries in their early 20s and they start a family.  Nothing happens out of the ordinary.  As a result, all children are products of young love.  They are peaceful people and everyone follows the template…

I had no idea that was what it is like there at all.  I had assumed it was basically Russia with a different name.  Julia tells me that it is very different from Russia.  Interesting.

Until five years ago, people from Belarus needed an ‘Out’ visa from their own country just to exit their land.  Wow.  And, if you were an unmarried woman, you would not be granted an ‘Out’ visa.

Those vertebrae are nearly come to the height of my waist!

Those vertebrae nearly come to the height of my waist!

Julia told me that she has one of the worst passports in the world.  She needs visas for nearly every country in the world.  She cannot get visas for countries like the UK, US, Canada, Australia, etc, because she is an unmarried woman.  That is a fascinating bit of information about how our western countries work.  She told me that to get a visa to get into any of the countries listed, she needs to prove that she has had a stable job for 10 years, she must have a bank account in Belarus (where she has not lived for years), and she needs bank statements from the past 10 years to show that job stability.


I had no idea this was all here until today. This is a nice little town.

I had no idea this was all here until today. Walvis Bay is a nice little town.

I spent most of the morning with Julia. I was in my own room at Loubser’s Bed and Breakfast when Julia came to chat with me while having a coffee.  She snuggled up to me on the bed.  Apparently, I played my cards right last night by going to my own bed because that afternoon snuggling turned into sex.

It was the damndest thing!  At 2pm, with a new girl!  Sober!  On a Sunday!  Hurray!


Every man on the continent has been trying to sleep with her. Today, she came and crawled onto my bed.  Life is full or gifts!  A gymnast. Teaches kids how to do headstands and handstands. Trains yoga girls. Has a crazy body with stomach you could play quarter-bounce on.

That was my ‘after lunch’ today!



Check out the size of that whale bone. I really have no idea what part of a whale's body requires a three-meter bone?

Check out the size of that whale bone. I really have no idea what part of a whale’s body requires a three-meter bone?

Later,  when we went to carry on with our day and went for showers, I was out in the courtyard of Loubser’s Bed and Breakfast when Lala asked me where Julia was.  I said, “She is doing her laundry.  Thanks for the gift Lala.”  Lala introduced us last night.

You know, my good luck and safety witch-doctor potion necklace broke about three days ago.  I glued it back together again and I put it back on yesterday.  Later on that evening, I met Julia.  Something to ponder…

Mola Mola of Walvis Bay on Opposite Day.

Mola Mola of Walvis Bay on Opposite Day.

[su_pullquote]She told me, “When I met you yesterday, it took me three minutes to recognize how wise you are.”  Nice![/su_pullquote]In mid-afternoon, Julia and I would go to the Mola Mola, at the lagoon of Walvis Bay.  A cruise ship had come into town so there were many people down at the normally very docile wharf.  (That is where I heard ‘More of You’ by the Bellamy Brothers again).  We sat in the sun at a table next to the ocean and drank beer and wine for the rest of the afternoon and got drunk together.

It was truly Opposite Day today.  Wake up, have breakfast with a girl.  Have sober sex with her.  Then go out and get drunk.  This sequence of events has happened to me several times, but always in the exact opposite order…

Julia told me that when she checked into the bed and breakfast last night, Lala had told her that she was putting her in a room next to a really wonderful guy (me!) that Julia was going to like!  I owe Lala a thank you card for that!

Sunset of Walvis Bay.

Sunset of Walvis Bay.

When darkness came and the evening got cool, Julia and I returned to Loubser’s and she made us dinner.  What a day!  Then, we retired to her room for more romance.  What day is it today?  The 10th of April.  I am going to have to mark this on a calendar somewhere!  What a fantastic date!

p.s.  – Julia was looking for her phone in her room.  When she was struggling to find it I asked her, “Do you want me to call it so that it rings?”  She said, “No, that will not work.  It is on loudless.”  Loudless!  Holy, that is cute!


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