Sucre to Potosi: My Attractive Mental State

Sucre to Potosi: My Attractive Mental State.
May 2.

I joined Aafje for breakfast because I knew she was going to check out of the hostel.  She told me that she had a dream last night where a wonderful and handsome boy crawled into bed with her in the middle of the night for a little slap and tickle.  It was ironic because as at the same moment that she was finishing her dream of Mr. Wonderful crawling into her bed, I had a nightmare of being kicked out of her that exact same bed again. Truth be told, when explain her dream, she did not mention ‘wonderful,’ ‘handsome,’ or ‘slap and tickle’ but I am sure that is what she meant…  When she left the hostel, I ran into Grace, a super cool English girl who asked me, “Castor, how is it that you went to bed before me last night but then you did not show up until later?”  I told her that peculiar things happen in a hostel.

My brain is really enjoying this ride of Spanish learning right now.  I feel like my mind is much sharper and my humor is quicker.  The muscle inside of my head is being exercised and it seems to be giving me all kinds of gifts right now.  It is like how if you leave an old car to sit for a long time, you can still use it, but the gas is stale and it does not really run that well.  But then once you put new fuel in it, that car will produce better than you could have ever expected it to perform.  My wit is sharp like a whip right now, and it makes me a more attractive person.  I feel like I have a lot of power in the hostel because of the strength of my wit right now.  Learning is just wonderful for the mind.  It just enhances how you entire brain operates.  This is very valuable information to have: Learn something new to improve your mental scheme.

I had a Spanish class, met Aafje for a nice lunch, and then kissed her goodbye as I headed off with my backpack to pick up my new Beaver stickers from my new sticker maker friends.  They were way behind and I needed to catch a bus from Sucre to Potosi, so I grabbed a pair of scissors, and created an assembly line where the man printed the stickers, his wife chopped the five stickers on the page apart, and I cut the excess paper from around the stickers.  We did 400 of them together like that for about 2 hours.  I paid just under $100 U.S. for 400 awesome plastic stickers to put all over the world for the next two months.

I rode a bus from Sucre to Potosi, found the hostel I stayed I stayed in the last time I was here and went to bed. It is a Friday night, but I have bigger fish to fry tomorrow and Sunday so I am taking the rest!


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