Mom – A Tribute to a Fascinating Lady



Roxene Clementine Beler Harris Swayn

7 March 1946 – 16 June 2018

The Tributes:

Larry-Vivian Kabrud  She was an amazing lady for sure!

Dawn Fister She was a truly gifted woman that could do anything!!

Randi Mc I remember her from the Big Beaver Rodeo. She had a booth with beaded bandannas…best craft ever for a busy little girl.

Trina Korbo It was a honour to know her HUGS

Carmel Thurlow I remember her love for gardening and her flowers!!

Kurt Thurlow I have one you will remember. Danny and I were at the house you were a small boy and we thought it would be funny to tape you when you were singing a song that may have had some colourful metaphor we encouraged you to sing. Haha then your mother listened an gave me and Dan a talking to. Darn we forgot to erase that hahaha. All and all it was always a good encounter dealing with your mother even when we were in a bit of trouble. I have a lot of fun musical memories with you and your whole family. Roxene will be remembered fondly

Priscilla Keates Your mom gave me my first haircut back when you and I were playing with dolls and Tonka Trucks. I also remember her crafting outfits and accessories for my sister and I to wear. She was a wonderful lady Thinking of you my friend
Priscilla Tames

Shelly Mae Aust Of course I know how much your mom loved music! I remember her coming with chads parents to watch parallel 49 and she was so encouraging to Tad and the boys

Pam Marshall I remember going to your moms house when I was little and checking out all of the neat little Barbie clothing she would knit. She would always give me juice and cookies and have a little chat. She was a beautiful soul  Rest In Peace Roxanne 

David Scholz She was a very talented lady. She was a singer, an artist, a cook (I have a cookbook she created)and was able to help countless people with health issues. Many memories. (David and Edith)

Mom in my fur coat, Christmas 2013.

Mom in my fur coat, Christmas 2013.

Karen Wyton I truly don’t know what to say cause you shocked me. I’m thinking of a lady that was special in so many ways. So many stories about her from  to She helped everyone. Halloween and you wore her good dress now she wasn’t happy about that one. Tell the family that you all are in our hearts on this day.

Donald-Darla Drake She was a very caring person who would help anyone anytime! She was such a talented woman! I remember getting a reike treatment from her and I was 14 miles away !! Not a word of a lie!!!!! So sorry for your Loss

Michelle-Brent Noll She was a special lady very gifted always said hi

Quinton Scholz The Voice man.
Talking or singing.
Very memorable Voice.

Rhonda Andersen Very talented lady that could almost anything she set her mind too& had a beautiful voice for singing as well. She fixed my back issues more than once . Sadly missed! Take Care everyone ! RIP Roxene you deserve it

Jess Deringer I was literally just thinking of your mom yesterday. I’m so sorry for your loss Stephen. Much love to you and your family.

Maxine Fisher truly a wonderful video of your Mom singing Stephen!! She had such a lovely voice!!

Tammy Scholz Lowey She always had a smile on her face…that is what I remember. And loved listening to her sing

Candace Dawson So sorry for your loss. I recall you guys coming over to our place at Killdeer. I also recall the many treatments and endless hours of visiting I and my folks had with Roxene. She was definitely one of a kind.

Lesley Johnston-Woo I remember that day clearly at her apartment across from the Southland mall before you and I were going to go to a movie on a school night! And she was telling me I should be home in bed because I was tired! I wish I knew her better, I know now she and I would have had some amazing conversations! She showed me the portraits of all of you she painted with the auras behind!

Naomi Osborn Roxene was a such a great person!! I remember her letting me wear her Dolly Parton wig as a kid which made me feel so special and she also had an Easy Bake oven that I had wanted for years as a kid and she let me come over and use it. Taught us kids singing and let us preform for the B. B. Christmas At the Drop In. Such a happy, grateful person who helped so many! Loved the beaded bandanna memory!! Hugs to all her family.

Annette Louise When we lived in Big Beaver I was good friends of Roxene we trained on the Big Muddy Tours together she was a much better tour guide than I was. She was very creative and artistic I bought many barbie doll clothes from her. She was an amazing sewer. I also went to her when she was doing the healing on people. She was truly a gifted healer.

Melissa Jōhnson I think I remember her singing at some of the Bid Beaver street dances… If I remember correctly…. Did she sing, ‘There’s a Bluebird on your windowsill’? If I saw you, I’d give you a squeeze

Pia Schjerlund Jessen .. She did a good job with you for sure

Margaret Cote Thank you for letting me know. I loved her dearly and we had a lot of laughs and tears together. May she Rest In Peace.

Carly Gummeson I remember when I was really little and I was so in awe of her Barbie clothing & so excited when she gave me some and an old pair of heels to play dress up in

Brett Smith She sounds like a pretty amazing lady, Beav, and she raised an amazing son. Sending all my love

Mom and I in 2015.

Mom and I in 2016.

Kathryn Nokony She was one of a kind. We would have long chats back in the day about all life’s wonders and she would be such a great story teller. I always came away from our time with a kinder heart and a little music in my soul….. She will be sadly missed xoxoxo

Donavon Harris I remember her shaking her head and rolling her eyes at me when she decided i needed to be healed and i said i did not believe in that kinda stuff. She said it didn’t matter and to hush up so she could finish. Never did tell me what she was fixing but I am still in good shape so maybe she fixed er up good. She was such a strong passionate person who touched many lives in so many ways. I too have her cookbook which was way ahead of her time when she put it out.

Kenda Matte Oh Stephen…I’m so sorry! I didn’t know your mom well at all, but I remember that our moms enjoyed visits with each other…and from reading these beautiful memories, SO MANY people enjoyed your sweet, thoughtful, special mom! I’m thankful that you have these warm memories, and the people who share them, to help you through this difficult time.

Karen Wyton Shed of loved modeling that coat. I had a good visit with her and Doug after her mind started to slip. She was still Roxene with her wit. God she had many talents from cutting hair, sewing to doctoring and everything in between.

Kendel Shenner Your Mom made this tiny little dress for me when I was still in the NICU. The very first picture taken of me in the hospital once out of the isolette was in this dress.
Kendel Shenner

Angela Mastad  love your stories about her. Great lady.

Trudy Shaver The summer I broke my leg we were in Big Beaver at a ranch rodeo. Your Mom spent some time talking to me and touching my cast. A while later that night I was in a very long lineup to use the washroom. I felt my leg start to heat up. I looked back in the lineup and about 10 ladies back was your Mom smiling at me. Your Mom was a special lady

Chrissie Jensen So sorry for your loss Mom and I will miss her dearly she was such a wonderful lady and proud to call her our friend take care we will be thinking of all the family

Pat Cleveland Ottesen Where to start? The one that stands out the most was when I lived at Paynton, Sask. She drove up to teach her beautiful skills to approx 20 people from in and around Maidstone. She spent 3 nights at my place I think it was. We learned so much from her. I will be letting those folks know that she has left the physical world. My very first treatment from her was a miracle, I was a believer after that. I knew she was a great singer but never expected the healing.

Mom and I in 2015.

Mom and I in 2015.

Sara Evans Living on Vancouver Island we never got to see your mom as much as we would of liked, but when she came for a visit it was always something to get excited about. I absolutely loved her energy and loved being around her. She never made me feel like I was just a boring kid. She made sure I was always welcome at the “grown up table”. She was so friendly, warm, thoughtful, talkative, and really funny. You couldn’t help but want to be around her. Our family is not known for hugging but we had no choice when she came to town and I looked forward to them. I remember her coming to surprise grandpa Frank on a few different occasions. It always made him cry. My favorite time she surprised him was when she dressed up as Santa for it was Christmas eve. She came into a full room and passed out gifts dressed as Santa. She had lingerie in her Santa bag as a gag gift for one of the men. It was pretty funny.
The last time I saw her was in Big Beaver at her and Doug’s home. We sat in her backyard and enjoyed hearing about all there was to hear about family, Big Beaver, and the people who lived there while Jacob chased grasshoppers. He was 2 at the time. She dotted on him, getting him snacks and juice, and wouldn’t let us leave until she found a gift for him to take with him.

Jennifer Middleton When my daughter was born she was born very colicky she cried and screamed for 2 weeks. Doris had mentioned I should take her to see your mom. I did take her down. She worked in my daughter’s spine as one of the discs was putting pressure in something. When your mom worked on her she let out on loud cry then that was it. When I got home with her it was the 1st night she had ever slept through the night and wasn’t crying. I will always be thankful for that. She helped my 2 wk old daughter a lot. She was amazing

Cynthia Sawin I can remember many dances your mom and dad played at in Minton and Big Beaver great music to dance to great times

Lynda Greenwood Cuppens Roxene always welcomed us with a big smile and huge hug, then wanted to know what we were up to. Her music was a gift she shared with everyone; just one gift of her many that she shared. I am grateful for her in my life

Maureen Crossman Your mom was so very fascinating to me as a young child. I didn’t know anyone else like her. She always had something to say and made time for everyone.

Brenda Fisher I loved how your mom always spoke her mind, taking the time to let a person know what was good and what we should think about changing lol.
Even after she was not herself we would dance in the home and she would look in my eyes and let me know if she thought I was happy and being kind. Plus she was a great dancer and she would sing while we danced, still an awesome voice! She is and will be missed. Hugs to all.

Shirley Anderson Beautiful woman and a beautiful voice .

Florence Gording Roxene was a special lady, always had time to talk and had a way to make you feel good , her treatments always helped me. She also gave my mom Annie a lot of healing treatments , rest is peace!

Marlene Manske I remember the first year our daughter Robyn went to school and your mom gave her a crocheted Barbie outfit for Christmas. She loved your mom and we always knew she’d be safe with her bus driver

Thelma Giraudier She certainly was special. She helped me so many times even when I didn’t know it. And shed tell me later. The time I tried to lift a piano stupid thing to do I nearly crawled into her house and walked out after she treated me. I am so thankful to her. She also had such a gift of hospitality. You were always welcome. Bless her heart. Loved her

Doug, mom and I in the spring of 2015.

Doug, mom and I in the spring of 2015.

GarthandJanna Vancuren Stephen I remember your mom driving my bus and I would sit at the front and talk her ear off I am sure she got tired me talking all the time but she always listened!

Margaret Brown She was a very special lady with a great talent for healing and loved our visits with her !

Louisie Vancuren She was a special lady talented in so many ways

Shelley Haugen Hoffart I was in line getting food at a restaurant in Southland mall food court and I kept accidentally getting in your moms way and I kept saving sorry and after the fourth or fifth time of me saying sorry she stopped me and said “my dear you have as much right to be where you are as I do please stop apologizing for it.” With that simple statement She made me understand that I had rights as much as the next person I was much stronger for that brief encounter.

Angela Lee Plumb I remember when she helped my daughter Kerry Ann with her sore back. Thank you Roxene

Brenda Elder Beautiful person

Denise-Scott Skinner She was a very special lady, who will be missed by many. I remember her always making time to work on my Grandma Doris, as well as my Dad and daughter.

Heather Dionne The first time I met your mom I went to her for a treatment in Big Beaver – I had no idea what to expect! She was behind me and was rubbing my neck, shoulders and arms, then she raised my arms up a little and jerked me up in the air!!! Took me very by surprise! She was aligning my spine! I could’ve listened to her stories for days, interesting with such a kind heart. She made everyone feel better about themselves

Deb Lewendon  I remember my husband Don going for treatments with your mom. He always mentioned what a great lady she was

The youngest I have ever seen mom in a photo. Mom is on the right, and her sister Sharon is on the left.

My favorite early photo of mom – she is on the right, and her sister Sharon is on the left.

Susan Hunter My memories of your Mom are mostly childhood memories. When my childhood friend and your Aunt, Brenda, would come to your farm for a summer visit I would often spend time there as well. Your Mom would teach us all sorts of things. Hair, makeup……how to dress and how to be a lady. I loved those times. The video you shared of your Mom is how I remember her. She always put extra effort into looking good…. I liked her sense of style, always complimented by her great earrings. I am sure that you have some pretty great memories. I enjoy the pictures you are sharing.

Shawna McEwen I remember your mom at every musical jam session in the Bengough-Big Beaver area. So much fun listening to her.

Irene Gieg Rettman Had many fun times with your Mom and Dad when Tony and I were first married. She is well remembered.

Zane Andersen She was such an amazing lady! I swear she could give anyone confidence in themselves no matter how much doubt u had in yourself!! So happy….so encouraging!! I will never forget how she has helped my entire family with health/personal problems!! She was always there and never got the recognition she should have gotten for her talents!!! She was an amazing women!! No telling how many people she has helped?

Judy Koszman Roxene had an amazing gift and helped many people with their physical / mental ailments. She was also very musically inclined. She was special

Bunny Vancuren
 So nice to see a picture of Rox
ene. She was always a great neighbor. Always had a smile. And always a positive attitude. I miss the old times!!

Carol Leonard I think your mom taught me Chinese cooking. I still have her recipe books and still use them.

Marilyn Remoue I always had such admiration for this amazing, talented cousin! My sympathies to your family.

Lana McBurney Nogue Your mom drove our school bus for many years… she always had a smile for us and a great story or two during the ride.. thank you for sharing this tribute of a wonderful lady!

Giraudier Glenn Cheryl Her crocheted barbie clothes are amazing! I am fortunate to have a collection of doll clothes for our granddaughters to play with. So many talents, I will always remember her esp the Chinese cooking class and the treatment sessions that almost always turned into open and honest conversation. We liked to talk about our boys. All good of course – she was so proud of you Stephen

Mom at 12 years of age in 1958.

Mom at 12 years of age in 1958.

Janet England She was a beautiful person, lived from her heart I feel so fortunate to have known her

Lara Berlot she looked like a pretty cool mom! She did well with you too!

Pat Cleveland Ottesen So cool. She even came to cafe and taught us to make Chinese food. So talented!!!

Brenda Obrigewitsch She was a beautiful lady

Gaye Wilderman This saddens my heart to hear this news of the loss of your Mom Stephen she was a dear sweet person to me! Helped me many times threw trials and tribulations and taught me so many important things in life one being “be true to you” I often think about her and still hear a lot of those stories she would tell me and they still roll thru my head! I loved her she was a very kind loving and generous person and loved her family dearly! Hugs to you! Rest In Peace Roxene! Go be the Angel you are!

Florence Gording Roxene was a very kind and caring lady. We had so many heart to heart talks about anything and everything. She just had a way about her that when you left you felt really good. Rip Dear friend!

Rouss ShellandTys 8 years ago your mom made my baby girl a purple poncho with a matching headband. It was absolutely beautiful and we still have it. We will definitely hold onto it and she can pass it onto her daughter someday.
Your mom was a beautiful lady with such a kind soul!!

Rhonda Helman So happy you could be with her in her final moments — it takes a special woman to raise a Stephen Harris so I’m positive she was a gem

Rita Giraudier I am so sorry. Your mom was so full of spunk and spirit, she always made me smile. She inspired me to sing, to be true to myself and she told me to keep you Harris boys in line….. big hugs to you and your family.

Nicki Thurlow She was always so wonderful to me, rest in sweet paradise Roxene.

Brad Thue She taught me that all the “buttons” to the body are in the feet, and how to think outside the box, wonderful wonderful lady, very sad to hear of her passing, I always liked sitting with her and if people would actually listen to what she was talking about and didn’t worry if it sounded wacky, it made sense just normals were to blind or busy to see it, R.I.P. Roxanne. Condolences Stephen

Rhonda Andersen As I said Stephen she could do anything that she set her mind on!!

Pat Cleveland Ottesen Yup, in the ole days she would say things like that to me too. Like “you don’t know this but you have a gift” later I learned about aura and energy etc and then understood that she was seeing something in my aura. What a sweet heart she was!!!!! now she is free to be Roxene the spiritual healer

Deanna Hoffart I actually recall going to your mom’s apartment on Gordon road and her commenting on my aura. She called out how I was feeling right away and when I asked her how she knew, she showed me paintings of your brothers that she had made. She told me she painted their auras without realizing it at the time. Your mom was kind and welcoming and I enjoyed every time I was around her. She also told me once (when I was wearing a fancy pant suit to meet you guys at BPs from working at the mall) that it is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed and I still think of that advice every time I can’t decide what to wear lol!

Donandme Mitchell Your mom is a wonderful lady, I recall having a sliver in my finger and she pulled it out with nothing but energy!! Very cool

Lorrie McLay I remember seeing Roxene many years ago when I lived in Coronach and I couldn’t believe how much she knew about me after our first session together…. she turned me into a believer very quickly

Sam Tomilin She knew so much about me in so little time. What an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing your stories, they are the best!

Kelly Froehlich She was so kind, and I still have my poncho I got from her.

Lisa Janelle I always enjoyed visits with Roxene. She was a wonderful lady. Every visit began and ended with a hug. My favourite memory is when she used to do her Betty Boop impression. I just loved it when I was little. She also outfitted most of my barbies in her homemade doll clothes. Many are in storage and I will likely pass them down to my daughter.

Lisa Berezowski I remember your mom sold hand knit clothes for Barbies one year out of the Big Beaver drop Inn during a trade show and I will always remember the cool clothes she knit / made. They were colourful and sometimes sparkly (sparkly yarn, what!!) and I still had all the barbies and clothes tucked away safe and sound until recently when I gave them to my neighbours 4 year daughter and they definitely stood the test of time and fashion as my little neighbour girl LOVED THEM !!!!  (its all about sparkly yarn) your mama was an amazing lady and had one of the best smiles that would instantly make your day better.

Angela Mastad Many fond memories of her. My favourite being my visit to her with my colicky 3 week old baby Ivy. Who is 12 now so many years ago. I hadn’t slept in days Ivy was awful most of the night and wasn’t sleeping much. She looked at me and said no more coffee…or chocolate. Which were pretty much all keeping me alive at that point. But I was nursing and Ivy wasn’t liking the caffeine. She worked her magic on Ivy with some alignment. She asked if I had a tough delivery which I had. She thought Ivy was crooked or off or misaligned or something I can’t remember. She fixed her up and snuggled her for a while, I almost fell asleep. And off we went home. Ivy was fine. Didn’t colic again. I took Ivy back a couple more times just for visits. They seemed to have a strange effect on each other, very calming. Absolutely one of the most fascinating people I have had the pleasure of knowing. I so appreciated the sleep I got after that visit lol.

Shannon Marshall Jensen Amazing tribute to your mom! We couldn’t have asked for a better neighbor when she worked out of the house next door to us in B.B.! Loving and kind to my kids always. Made the girls many Barbie clothes which they still have today. Not to mention a amazing healer, suffered for years with migraines till one day your mom said you need to come see me. Skeptical but I thought I have nothing to loose. Three treatmenst later to never have another migraine to this day! I was always so grateful to her for that! Such a kind loving lady always with a smile

Corina Cayer I remember your mom as always confident and smiling and doing her own thing. She didn’t put much thought into what other people thought and I wish I was more like that. I remember her knitting a beautiful sweater for Char and I loved it so the next time I saw her she had one knit for me. It was a poncho type with big wooden buttons to close the sides. I loved it and had it for a long time. She was always positive and giving. Hugs to you Stephen.

Melinda Pratt Thank you for all the amazing words about your mom. My mom is a volunteer at Santa Maria. She saw the daily love and commitment that Doug had to your mom!

Penny Stevens Very talented lady! She helped me out so many times! Her treatments were amazing! Really enjoyed going to see her!

Candace D. Carlson My condolences on the passing of your Mom!! I remember her singing. Treasure your memories!!

Molly Mulvena Korbo Your mom had magical hands:) and healed so many – I know my dad wouldn’t have been walking without treatments she had such a way to create positive energy to replace negativity so sorry for your loss

Geri Brown So sorry to hear of Roxene’s passing !
She was a very special lady, so creative and original! She had a beautiful voice and a beautiful smile and was always so friendly and kind
She gave me this calendar many years ago that she had kept from my Mom’s cafe 🙂
Geri Calendar

Monica Sherri Your mom was special in how your truly embraced her uniqueness! Such a kind lady.

Debbie Kotylak A beautiful week from a son to his mother. Stephen, you’ve touched so many hearts over the years and by doing this for your mother, you have absolutely left a huge impression on my heart. May she RIP knowing your love for her was so deep

Zane Andersen Stephen , I know you don’t want a sobby story…..but Charlee had the pleasure of meeting Roxene!! She had so many talents it was mind blowing!! I truly think she was almost like the “Green Mile”, she has taken so much bad and cured so many people and has taken it all in emotionally!!! You would know more , but sitting down talking to her was amazing!! Your mother had a HUGE part of me being able to talk I front of people because of the Christmas carols at the drop in!! I don’t honestly think I wouldn’t be able to auctioneer or announce rodeos without Roxene!!!

Mom, probably around the age of three here, holding her sister, Sharon.

Mom, probably around the age of three here, holding her sister, Sharon.

Mom and Sharon in July, 1950.

Mom and Sharon in July, 1950.

Mom and Sharon, July 1950.

Mom and Sharon, July 1950.

Mom on the left and her sister Sharon on the right in 1950.

Mom on the left and her sister Sharon on the right in 1950.

Mom on the left and her sister Sharon on the right.

Mom on the left and her sister Sharon on the right.

Mom with Sharlene and Mathew in about 1965.

Mom with Sharlene and Mathew in about 1965.

Mom and dad looking pretty tidy in the 1960's.

Mom and dad looking pretty tidy in the 1960’s.

Mom, second from the left, with her siblings in the late 1960's.

Mom, second from the left, with her siblings in the late 1960’s.

Mom's father, mother and mom in the front in the late 1960's.

Mom’s father, mother and mom in the front in the late 1960’s. Dad is in the plaid shirt on the right.

Mom. Sometime in the 1970's.

Mom. Sometime in the 1970’s.

Mom, representing farm life!

Mom, representing farm life!

Grandma Myrtle and mom somewhere in the early 1990's.

Grandma Myrtle and mom somewhere in the early 1990’s.

Mom and I in the summer of 2007.

Mom and I in the summer of 2007.

Doug and mom in 2010.

Doug and mom in 2010.

Mom and I in the summer of 2011.

Mom and I in the summer of 2011.

Mom and I during Christmas 2013. I wore a white suit to meet her for Christmas. I wanted to dress nice after not being home for a Christmas in 10 years.

Mom and I during Christmas 2013. I wore a white suit to meet her for Christmas. I wanted to dress nice after not being home for a Christmas in 10 years.

Ma and I in March 2015.

Ma and I in March 2015.

Doug and mom in November 2015. Her change over the 8 months between this photo and the previous one is drastic.

Doug and mom in November 2015. Her change over the 8 months between this photo and the previous one is drastic.

September 2016. Grandma Myrtle, Mom, and Sandi. This is my last photo of mom where she looks somewhat healthy.

September 2016. Grandma Myrtle, Mom, and Sandi.

This is the last photo I have of of mom. This is from the spring of 2017, just over a year from when she would leave. It is also happens to be my favorite photo of her and I.

This is the last photo I have of of mom. This is from the spring of 2017, just over a year from when she would leave. It is also happens to be my favorite photo of her and I.

– On the day of her memorial, July 2nd, 2018, I went to the cemetery had a little cry.  A couple of hours later I would do her eulogy at the cemetery in front of friends and family.

I talked about the tribute to mom that people where people have been writing stories about her on Facebook.
I talked about how I was sad that mom was gone, but that it was good as she was a prisoner, and the no matter where she was, it could only be better than the condition she was in.
I spoke about how I have been mourning for years since she got sick, and how strong I found out that a person can be, including holding her hand as she died and I spoke about watching her last breath.
I talked about what Nancy and Devona had told me on the drive from Alberta, that Devona spent time with mom when she was 12 because mom was so interesting. Instead of staying with her grandparents, she stayed with dad and mom. They were telling me that mom was way ahead of her time with her interest in herbs and better foods. No one was thinking about quality of feed at that time. They said she was fascinating. Eccentric. Off the grid. Intelligent. Unique. Had her mind stayed with her, she would be further ahead on something else today with something else we will get to in some years.
I talked about how mom taught me to be myself. I talked about how she was weird and that weirdness was goodness and to be proud of it and how my eccentricities come from her. I talked about how when you are a teenager all you want to do is fit in, but I had the mom that when friends would come over she would say, “Ah, Lesley, your aura is very yellow today. How are you feeling?” and how I would just want to hide. However, today, I would love to meet a lady and have a conversation with someone telling me such a fact.
I talked about how I had not realized my mom was so cool and that I have learned a lot about mom from everyone else since we lost her.
I used this list of words to describe mom:
– a bus driver
– a knitter and crocheter
– a doll clothes maker
– a healer
– a herbalist
– a tour guide
– a singer
– a traveler
– a personality
– a Chinese food cookbook maker
– an unorthadox lady
– a happy person
– a mother

She was my mom. I will miss her and I love her. 

Thanks Mom!

Thanks for everything.

I am proud to have become what you helped to make. Thanks for being so unique and so very special… 

Roxene. Mom.
7 March 1946 – 16 June 2018




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