Rio de Janeiro Hangover Post-Carnaval Monday New Year

Rio de Janeiro Hangover Post-Carnaval Monday New Year
I do not cook often, but when I do, it attracts a crowd. Tabajaras Favela Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 8 March 2014

Rio de Janeiro Hangover Post-Carnaval Monday New Year.
March 10.

A loungy day.  Necessary.  So exhausted.  Slept until 9am.  Showered.  Slept again until noon.  My body needs rest.  It is the Rio de Janeiro hangover after carnaval concludes…

The house got moving around 13:00 and we had breakfast.  Every morning for breakfast everyone has to dig ants out of their coffees.  Ants love stored sugar.

I cooked breakfast for the household.  I made an omelette.  I thought I knew what I was doing but the entire meal came out pink.  It tasted fine, but I ended up blowing it somehow.  I guess that is handy to accidentally do as I am not much of a chef, and if you make that clear, cooking turn expectations drastically reduce….

It was a pretty quiet day and I just worked on this website, which is becoming a pain in the ass.  But, I am getting the foundations in place, and once it is ready to roll, I can be more hog wild and less responsible of improvement of this thing.

The highlight of my day was when I had to carry a heavy propane tank for the stove in the house down from a bar high up in the favela where Csilla bought it.  Irmante asked me if she could help to carry half of it, which I readily agreed.  Then Csilla came up behind us and asked, “Is there any way I can get in there with you two?”  I told her, “I have been waiting for a girl to ask me that question when I was with another girl for my whole life, and finally it gets asked.  Unfortunately though, it is when the other girl and I are carrying a propane tank.”  How anti-climatic and very Monday on the Rio de Janeiro Hangover Post-Carnaval New Year…

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