Regina: Potential Broken Gl-asses

Regina: Potential Broken Gl-asses
1970 Dodge Motorhome

Regina: Potential Broken Gl-asses.
September 2. 

Dan told me that one time he was in Bismark, North Dakota.  He was filling up with gas and realized that he could save $0.04 a gallon if he was part of the armed forces.  So, when he went in to pay, he showed the person behind the counter his ‘Safeway’ club card.  He told them that it was his card because he is part of the armed forces in Canada.  That saved him $0.04 a gallon. Safeway is a supermarket chain in Canada.

Dan went on an excellent gay-pride rant.  He feels cheated in life because he is short, but there are no short-pride parades.  Dan says that this is a 6’1” country, and a 5’8” man struggles in this life here.  Yet, Dan does not feel jaded by society.

Bean and I got an old 1970 Dodge motor-home running and brought it back to the garage.  Bean worked on it through the night evening and we went out for drinks at about midnight.  In a pub called Shannon’s, we sat at the bar.  A very drunk chubby man in his 50’s sat next to us.  He asked us if we were nerds.  Then he kept on referencing to the fact that we were.  It eventually pissed Beaner off who said, “What is going on here?  The two of us are being picked on by a guy alone?”  Beaner told the guy to shut up.  He told him to quit talking.  When he would not shut up, Bean told him that he was going to take the guys glasses and smash them.  The guy said they were $500 glasses.  Bean said he did not care how much they cost.  The guy shut up and when I looked at him two minutes later he had taken off his glasses so that Bean could not get to them just in case he was serious about what he had said.  Potential broken glasses avoided.  Bean and I laughed about that.  The guy asked us what we do for a living.  I told him that we beat up people who make fun of us.  Bean asked him what he does.  He said he has a PhD.  Bean started calling him ‘Dr. Dick.’  Eventually the guy left.  He called Bean a ‘weirdo’ as he left the bar.  I enjoyed the entertainment very much.

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