New York City: New York Blues

New York City: New York Blues
Terra Blues.

New York City: New York Blues.
August 18.  

I found a little mischief this morning and then made my goodbyes to Irmante and Anne.  Good girls.  Good girls to spend time with.  I packed my bag at their house and went to leave their house.  They have a chubby housemate who Irmante refers to as ‘Sperm-whale’ who a couple of weeks ago went into their bedroom and stole valium tablets and then later stole $40.  I was very cold to him the whole time I was at their place, but as I was leaving the house today he was playing drinking games with three girls, one of which was a pretty blond.  I wondered if I should have been nicer.  However, it is hard to be nice to treat anyone well who is shitty to your friends, even if they have done nothing wrong to you.  Camaraderie is important.  So, screw the blond, by not.

I left with my backpack to my friend Julia’s house next to Union Square in downtown Manhattan.  There are a lot of assholes preaching their brainwash on the subway trains in New York.  It happened twice today on two different rides.  I just left a Catholic continent, but the religious types here feel more obliged to get in your face here in the United States.  I would never stand in the middle of a subway train and preach about what I believe in, hardcore partying, without expecting some repercussions, so I fed some to the men invading my listening space.  A gave a small jeer to the first guy about fairy-tales, but when the second guy was in the middle of a saga about Noah and an arc I told him that is probably the most ridiculous story ever told.  Imagine believing that an invisible policeman whispered to only two animals of every single species on earth to not breed for 40 days and 40 nights while they floated around on horrifyingly massive depicted waves in an arc.  How many species of birds are there alone?  100,000?  More?  If the arc was in Israel, how did the hippos get to the arc docking point and how did the polar bears arrive and how hard was the heat on them?  Did a male and female king penguin from Antarctica swim all the way up to the desert of the Middle East?  Science figured out that all of the dingoes in Australia are from one batch of puppies.  If entire species had to be regenerated from one male and one female after Noah parked the arc and ordered them back to their native regions, why has science not recognized this in DNA.  What an incredible bunch of bullshit!  Reason prevails in every other part of life, but religion makes people forget they have that amenity.

I was glad I went to Julia’s house.  When I walked in she looked gorgeous, was playing music that I would normally be listening to, was cooking dinner for us and served glassed of wine.  I was being wined and dined.  Excellent.  She made an amazing salad!  She has a powerful laugh with no filter.  It is beautiful to see someone laugh like that with pure joy.  People like her are rare to find.  She was a ballerina for 11 years, but told me she has too flat of feet so the aesthetic beauty of the shape of the ballerina pose did not work as well for her.  I shower her my arches in my feet to see how I would rank.  She said I have the right shape to be a ballerina.  That is good news.  If rockstar does not work out, and I get bored of moviestar, I now have the option of ballerina.  She says it is never too late for a man.  Great news!

I wanted some New York Blues, so we went to a Terra Blues, a club downtown with four black men playing their hearts out.  I felt like I missed several targets to kiss her while we were sitting at the bar.  That feels frustrating and I hate it when my nerve is not in tune with my mind.  When we felt like a new venue for New York Blues, we found other live music with the best bass guitar player I have seen play in years.  I was telling Julia about how much guys in the oilfield like prostitutes and how they spend very much money on them when they work.  She thought I was talking about home at Big Beaver and said, “Hookers!  There’s fifty people in your town!”  I would have liked to have seen the image inside of her brain at that moment to know what she envisioned.  Did she imagine that there was only one hooker in Big Beaver and everyone used her?  I wonder what that woman would look like.  Did she imagine that there were many hookers in the small town?  I would have liked to have been able to see that flash of image she had in her mind as she tried to sort out the idea of hookers in a very small town.  The idea amused me very much.

At about 3am we were finished with New York Blues, we headed back to Julia’s house.  She ate while I considered how I was going to get up 90 minutes later to get to the airport and how I was going to try to kiss her now that I had blown what seemed like missed opportunities.  It was late.  That was the actual New York Blues.

I had a shower and got ready for the day.  We had a small make-out on her bed but she thought better of it.  She told me that because I was leaving she did not want to fool around with me and then feel like a slut.  I told her she would not feel like a slut because I would be gone from her life and she would not have a reminder.  No New York Blues for her!  She thought it would be safer if I slept on the couch and I thought it would be better in her bed so I promised I would behave.  I told her I would not try to make out with her but that she had to promise not to try to make out with me!  She liked my sarcasm.  We spooned and slept for a little over an hour until her alarm went off.

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