Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico! (Puerto Vallarta)

Bucerias, Mexico.
Condo for rent!

Your home away from home in a home…


Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)
Yes, that is your potential swimming pool.  See that patio?  That is ‘the’ patio where you could be squeezing your own limes into Coronas and margaritas!  
This condo is on a perfect beach, 15 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta.  Just 200 romantic paces from the sandy beach of the Pacific Ocean!  
↓↓↓  This beach here ↓↓↓
Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)

This is Bucerias beach.
It also looks beautiful at night….
Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)
If you need a place to relax and get away from it all for a while, this might be just the place for you. Short term or long term stays.

Now, what does the condo look like?  Well, it is about time you asked!  What we have here is a two-bedroom/two bathroom home for rent.

Let’s take you on a short tour:
Now you are one of two people:
People A) “We are on vacation.  There is no way I am cooking while I am gone.  It is restaurant time!”
No problem People A.  There are plenty of places to eat all around you…just a five minute walk to several.  Cruise on down the beach to find what fancies your ‘spuds.
People B) “I just can not wait to get down to Bucerias, and settle in.  I will be making gourmet dishes of fish, crab, lobster, re-fried beans ever single day!”
Well, that is just fantastic People B.  As well as a barbecue outside, here is your full kitchen:Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)
Need to kick your feet up after a long day?  Here is your living room with satellite television and the dining area is off to the right:
Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)
You say you need more outdoor time?  Easy.  The patio door above leads you to this patio and swimming pool.  You will be hard pressed to find a better place to sip on Coronas and Pacificos!  There is even a beer fridge on the patio and a hammock to ease your vacation lifestyle:
Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)
Where are you sleeping to rest your weary bones?  Well, in either the king sized bed of the master bedroom or in the double of the second bedroom…or sleep in both:
Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)
Bucerias is just 15 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport.  If you are looking for the charm of Mexico and would like to be away from the plastic high-rise structures, this is a wonderful place to spend some time.

There are ATM machines, bars, and award winning restaurants right in the area.  If you are looking to get that crown on your molar and do not want to have to sell your new pick-up truck to do it at home, take a vacation to Mexico instead as there are many top-notch dental practices who you could call extended neighbours.

Wondering where this incredible spot is located?  That is covered directly below!  The pink heart is your bingo square!
Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)

Another advantage is that the condo is adjacent to a main highway affording convenient low-cost public transportation, should you choose not to rent a car.  The rental unit includes free parking if you feel like getting behind the wheel.

Many activities and attractions are nearby within easy walking distance the condo: Deep sea fishing, quads, manicure, spa, bars with bands, midgets with trombones (seasonal).  Fun abounds…

Call or email Devona Moore to book or inquire.
-$80/day ($560/week) or $2,100/month.  

Yes, of course that price is in Canadian dollars!  That also includes weekly housekeeping coming in to dust you off!

Now, I know what you are wondering?  ‘When can I book?  I am just dog tired from working for the man and I need a vacation where I am more horizontal than vertical.  I need cheap beer and elaborate sunsets.  I need seafood.  I need warm weather.  I need to go where the police at home can not find me….’  Wait a minute…

The high end, top-notch, technology of an orange highlighter will indicate what is booked at the moment.  If you would like to be a part of the orange highlighter on this calendar, give me a call or send me a message.
Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)

Much love,
Devona Moore. Brooks, Alberta.

Or email for inquiries of potential burrito-life living!:


You are welcome to forward this message on to any of your reputable friends as well.
Thanks a ton, possibly in the sun.  

 Condo for Rent in Bucerias, Mexico. (Puerto Vallarta)Bucerias, Mexico…at your leisure…

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