Reverse Roles Damage Control

Moroccan female meltdown

Reverse Roles Damage Control
Xavier told me that running a hostel in Marrakech brings up hostel-cultural issues in the Muslim country that do not apply in most of the rest of the western world.  For example, hostels often have mixed dorm rooms, but in Morocco, it is illegal to have a Moroccan male and a Moroccan female sharing the same room.  A different set of rules applies to the locals.  But, being that it is a hostel, crazy things happen and Xavier has to deal with damage control.  He has had to take Moroccan women out of showers with foreign guys and vice versa.  He said it is crucial to follow Moroccan code with the locals to be able to maintain their hostel license.

The incident with the most damage control that Xavier has had to take care of was with a Moroccan female member of his staff.  She was a Moroccan receptionist and innocent, but she walked into a stairwell at the hostel where a girl was with four guys at the same time.  Had it been four women with one man, the young receptionist could have understood it because that happens in her culture.  But four guys with one woman was far too much for her.  She was almost completely unable to speak of the atrocities she had seen in the stairwell to tell Xavier what was going on…

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