Nungwi to Kedwa Zanzibar: Long Walks on the Beach

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    It is a little more exotic life for them then ours who endure -40 Celsius in the winter.
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    I like the contrast of the herd, the chair, the blue, and boats.
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    I do not stay here, but it would be nice some day.
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    Perhaps one day I will have finances for this kind of living.
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    Beach shacks.
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    I asked these two guys from Kenya in the boat how that waves were. We became friends after.
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    A hand powered drill. It is like a bow, and it only works on way, like a ratchet.
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    The locals really enjoyed my attempt.
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    Women and children, fishing in the ocean.
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    Young ones, swimming.

Nungwi to Kedwa Zanzibar: Long Walks on the Beach.
Dec 16
It was time to see something as I feel like I am living in a beach corner of the world, so I went for about t three hour walk today.  I find walking along the beach to be very meditative.  I can iron out some things in my mind that are eating me.  I need to get out of here.  I talked to Mark in Taiwan last night and he made me realize how much I need to stop and ‘harvest’ some of my writing for a month and try to work with it.  I need to do some writing and be creative and get some things moving.  I am not nice to most other travelers as I find most of them so generic, so I try to avoid having to talk to them.  I guess this means that maybe I need to work on some of my writing and give myself some mental headspace that I need in preparation for what I am going to get into here.

Perhaps one day I will have finances for this kind of living.

Perhaps one day I will have finances for this kind of living.

I walked all the way to the beach in Kedwa Zanzibar, which was supposed to be gorgeous, and did not let me down.  The blue of the ocean does not even look like it can be natural.  It looks photo-shopped.

I walked past the beach in Kedwa Zanzibar to where there were no resorts or bungalows where the local kids swim and the ladies fish.  I made friends with a couple of guys repairing a boat and tried to give them a hand, though my skills at running a hand powered drill, that is operated by a device that looks like a bow, are pretty weak.  It sure entertained the local guys though!

Fresh fruit is incredible.  I pretty much only ate mangoes today…

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  1. Virginia Hopkinson says:

    Ah, Kedwa…how i wish i was there again

  2. Anastasia Boatright says:

    I like the white of the sand and deep blue water. Very nice.

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