Michamvi Zanzibar: Little Ms Tanzania Pageant

Michamvi Zanzibar: Little Ms Tanzania Pageant
Down the road to somewhere.

Michamvi Zanzibar: Little Ms Tanzania Pageant.
Dec 17
I no longer like the energy at Nungwi, as I felt my own was being sucked out of me by the beach boys hassling me, so I pulled the plug and hit the road today.

There is something about this that I really like...

There is something about this that I really like…

I caught a dola-dola to Stone Town.  A Portuguese girl was in the front seat inside of the truck and the middle was free, so I rode down in luxury inside of the vehicle until we picked up a girl in a wheelchair.  The girl in a wheelchair wanted in the front of the truck, so I my seat to the Portuguese girl and the girl in the wheelchair took her seat.  I was amazing at how poorly the girl in the wheelchair was treated.  When she arrived at her stop, they threw her wheelchair down from the top of the truck.  It landed upside-down.  Then picked up the chair and moved it so that she could get into it from the truck.  As soon as she was seated, they were shoving her and her chair out of the way.  It was sad.

The dola-dolas move very fast down the highway, picking up locals and dropping them off whenever someone is on the side of the road or when someone pushed the door-bell on the back to let the driver know to stop.  In the country, chickens attempt to run across the road, but as vehicles come racing along, it scares the chickens who retreat for cover again at side.  I love it how the locals on the side of the road just want to talk for the moment while the dola-dola pulls up.
“Where are going?”
“Stone Town.”
“Zanzibar City?”
“Okay, thank you!”  And then the truck speeds off again.

I got to Stone Town and changed dola-dolas as I wanted to head to the eastern part of the island.  All of the locals want a piece of you, and they want to take you to the dola-dola that you need, and then they pay for your ride to the money collectors on the dola-dola and inflate the fare for you.  So, it is nice to know what you are supposed to pay in advance so that you can tell them off.  It happened to me twice for both dola-dolas.  I told them off twice.  One guy got really made at me.  Essentially he was mad at me because I knew the prices and he could not cheat me out of money.  When I knew the fare, then one guy wanted to charge me for my bag.  They will do anything they can.  They are smart, so you have to be too.  But, you never ever have to pay in advance.

I wanted to catch the dola-dola to Paje, and if I was not happy with the beach there I would head north to Bwejuu.  After about 45 minutes, we made a left hand turn at a fork in the road and when we stopped I asked the guy seated next to me, “Paje?”  I had missed it and ended up in Bwejuu.  I got out, looked at the beach, was not impressed, caught the next dola-dola north as far as it would go into the thumb of Zanzibar.

Down the road to somewhere.

Down the road to somewhere.

When the road stopped at a place called Michamvi, I walked down a little jungled path until I found the beach.  A very pretty Tanzanian woman, was working and offered me a room for $10/night, but it was pretty rough, so she took me to her friend’s place and I moved into a really gorgeous bungalow for $15/night.  The place is beautiful.  After I had settled in I went to see the girl I had met earlier because she had such a good and warm energy.  She fed me beans and bread and a beer.  When she finished work, she had a shower and then took me around her area and we went to a local bar where she sometimes goes to wind down.  The shower made me wonder…  I drank Serengeti Beer at the local bar which my friend told me is made from, “Cheetah pee-pee.”  Everyone was very friendly in the local bar.  Drunk guys in Muslim hats where in there.  I have never seen that before.  Some guy was extremely drunk, mumbling loudly at the world and his wife slapped him.  I would like to know what he said.

In the meanwhile, my friend and begun to get touchy.  She told me she has not laughed in a long time like she has since she met me today.  I wondered about that showed that she took as soon as she finished work…  An Italian woman who has been here for three weeks arrived to find Sabrina as they are really good friends.  She told me that my friend was Ms Tanzania one year.  My friend was embarrassed and in denial.  She eventually confessed to me that she actually ran for Ms Tanzania.  I would like to see that pageant, as it is culture for everyone in the country to shave their heads, men and women.  So they pageant would be completely based on the symmetrical face and body.  Ms Tanzania Pageant was staring at me when her friend went to talk to another friend, so we kissed.  We made out.  Her brown skin was so incredibly soft.  A while later she asked me, “Tonight, sleep together?”  “Yea, that sounds nice.”  We finished our drinks and walked with the Italian girl to her guesthouse and then Ms Tanzania Pageant and I carried on to mine.  It took her about 45 seconds to have all of her clothes off once we were inside of my door.  That was nice.

After we finished, Ms Tanzania Pageant told me that the last time she had sex was one year and a half ago.  I always wonder when women say things like that.  It does not seem reasonable, but what reason would she have to lie to me.  Maybe it is true.  Maybe she things it will make her seem more pure in my eyes.  In any case, it was a fantastic evening.


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