Michamvi Tanzania: The Good Life?

  • P1160115
    Bringing in the nets on the shore.
  • P1160116
  • P1160120
    A fisherman offered me all of these for $5.
  • P1160123
    So I bought this one for $1.
  • P1160125
    And brought it to be cooked.
  • P1160129
    Sunset from Michamvi beach.

Michamvi Tanzania: The Good Life?
Dec 23
Sometimes you do not realize you are caught up in The Good Life is until someone points it out to you.  Ms. Tanzanian Pageant’s sister’s German boyfriend was at the beach restaurant bar when I arrived today at 11:00.  He is in his 40’s and he said, “I look at your life and I think, wow.  You have it pretty good.  I am not sure if you could have gotten a better start in Africa.  When we arrive we see you sitting down on the beach.  The fishermen come to the beach and you go and talk to them.  When you leave from them you have a squid in your hand that you bring here and give to (Ms. Tanzania Pageant), and when you come back a little later it is cooked for you.  And you have this gorgeous scenery to look at in front of you.  I think you wear sunglasses all of the time to hide your smiling eyes.  (Ms. Tanzania Pageant) is smiling all of the time too, so you must be doing something right…”  He is correct in his assumption.  Life is freaking awesome right now.  I guess this is The Good Life!



Ms. Tanzanian Pageant told me earlier during the day that there are a lot of ‘cappuccino-babies’ on the island, especially around Nungwi.   She and I went to a hostel bar for a couple of drinks in the evening because our friend Dutch is the bartender there.  At the bar was local African man in his late 20’s with dreadlocks.  He was with an unattractive German woman in her 40’s who was there with her daughter in her early teens.  The local man referred to the German woman as ‘his wife’ and kept on saying, “I love you to her,” anytime she could come and go.  I found it pretty awkward, and I am sure it certainly was for the young German daughter.  I guess her mother just wants to feel love again in any way she can, even if it is clearly not real, which I am 100% certain that it is not.  It sure makes a guy hope he never ends up lonely and desperate.  I guess that is faking The Good Life.

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