Mexicable Cable Car in Mexico City

  • P1310035
    Station 1 graffiti.
  • P1310039
    4 O'Clock photo.
  • P1310042
    The gondolas of the Mexicable system.
  • P1310045
    Football pitches below the Mexicable.
  • P1310046
    Mexico City and the State of Mexico. The photo quality is poor because of the smog.
  • P1310048
    Inside one of the Mexicable stations.
  • P1310051
    Amazing striping on that building.
  • P1310062
    The sides of the street below, covered in graffiti.
  • P1310064
    Station 7 of Mexicable. I asked what La Cañada means. It turns out that it is just a word.
  • P1310066
    Mexicable graffiti.
  • P1310067
    Mountain residency probably makes for very nice calves.
  • P1310068
    Walking through the districts of the Mexicable neighborhoods.
  • P1310071
    The Mexican's love their VW Bugs! Love them. You can hardly take a photo of one without capturing a second in the frame. There are everywhere.
  • P1310072
    That is an amazing name for a condom brand. Prudence for the prudes! Hysterical name!
  • P1310073
    The owner of this bike liked how much I liked his motorcycle seat.
  • P1310076
    Station 6 art. The entire building is a mural.
  • P1310082
    Great business name.
  • P1310083
    Quiet streets deep inside of the favelas/slums.
  • P1310085
    Awesome graffiti on a Mexicable pillar.
  • P1310086
    Amazing! You often have to pay to use the toilet in Mexico. Instead of coins, you can just use your Mexicable card in the stations.
  • P1310094
    Cemeteries are always fascinating to look at in other cultures.
  • P1310101
    Trying to be cool.
  • P1310102
    Laundry day with kids and dogs.
  • P1310105
    Local iron collector.
  • P1310107
    Housing that just keeps going and going.
  • P1310111
    Sunset over Mexico City from a Mexicable gondola.

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