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Inside of a Cocaine Lab – San Agustín, Colombia

Inside of a Cocaine Lab – San Agustín, Colombia

I wish I could say that we were inside of a pristine shiny and sterile cocaine lab that I had pictured in my mind with people wearing baby-blue uniforms similar to what a nurse would have on with dust masks over their faces while machines made noises in the background. But it was nothing like that. It was way dirtier. We were taken to someone’s house.

Medellin to Popayán: Medellin City Tour.

Medellin to Popayán: Medellin City Tour

Medellin to Popayán: Medellin City Tour. July 24. Getting out of bed with a gorgeous naked woman at 7am when you are on vacation to go on a Medellin City Tour is difficult.  I had been recommended the free Medellin City Tour by three different people, so I put my immediate thoughts of interest aside and headed for the shower.  A cold water shower because there is no hot available will certainly extinguish any lingering ulterior thoughts. Our guide was a...

Medellin: The Cost of a Regular Gig

Medellin: The Cost of a Regular Gig

Medellin: The Cost of a Regular Gig. July 23. Last night as I got back to the hostel I checked my messages.  There were seven of them, one of them from Lucia who told me she was in Medellin.  Whoa!  Shocker.  I was not prepared for that!  Is it dangerous that a beautiful Colombian woman stalked me to Medellin?  I am not sure.  She told me she had business here but I have yet to see any transactions take place. ...

Pablo Escobar Tour, Meeting Roberto Ecsobar – Medellin

Pablo Escobar Tour – 22 July 2014, The tour bus picked me up from my hostel.  I was on the afternoon Pablo Escobar Tour because the morning tour was full, but there were only three of us this morning.  That would allow me a lot of room to ask a lot of questions!  I am a tour guide’s dream for a while.  But then he tires of having to answer so many questions, many of which he has never had to...

Bogota to Medellin

Bogota to Medellin – Lesbians with No English Trump English Speaking Gringos

July 21.  Bogota to Medellin. Beer is the same price as water in Colombia.  Surely that and the hot weather is one contributing factor to why it is a third world country.  It is always warm enough so that if you do not work to make enough money to cover your rent, you will not freeze to death.  With no pressing need to make sure you survive the winter, you might as well drink beer instead. I decided to pull...