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Mexican Monarch Metal Brothers in Mexico City

Mexican Monarch Metal Brothers in Mexico City

The Mexican Monarch Metal Brothers in Mexico City. Jan 13. At 21:00 I went to meet Sara at a metal bar in Mexico City called Metal Brothers.  The website said there was no cover charge and stated that live bands play every night.  I was worried that it was going to be some lame ‘Cruise Ship’ band covering a version of ‘Hotel California’ for the eight-kajillianth time and fill me with regret. Nope! None of that at all…  Metal Brothers was...

The Bloodhound Gang are Wankers

“The Bloodhound Gang are Wankers!”

Anyone ever heard of a band called Electric Eel Shock?  There is a reason why you haven’t.  The reason why you haven’t heard of Electric Eel Shock is because I managed them.  And I may have held them back.  But they are a fantastic band, from Japan.  I toured with them from 2003, and I’m still a little bit involved.  I fired myself.  They are too nice to fire me.  And I fired myself ’cause I thought I was holding them back.

ACDC nee Axl/DC

ACDC aka Axl/DC in London

ACDC nee Axl/DC in London At 15:00 I rushed out the door to meet Karel at the Ritzy in Brixton and from there we headed for the London event of the night…AC/DC nee Axl/DC nee Axl/AC/DC! I have twice before watched ACDC during the ‘Rock and Roll Train’ tour in 2009.  Their show was totally amazing both nights, but I felt like I have been there and done that when the upcoming European tour was announced.  Then news hit that...

Livingstone: Zambian Tina Turner

Livingstone: Zambian Tina Turner

            Livingstone: Zambian Tina Turner. March 9. Zambia is a country full of really nice people.  Avoid Lusaka, the capital, if you can though. The other towns and the people I have met on the road have made for a really good experience.  Livingstone is great.  It is a safe city where you can walk anywhere, even at night, even as a foreigner.  They try to keep it safe here so that the reputation stays...

Potential country music superstar

Country Music Superstar Hillbilly to London Rock and Roller

Country Music Hillbilly to London Rock and Roller I wish I had learned two languages growing up…. I am not talking spoken word. I am talking music.… It would be difficult for me to have come from a cooler life and cooler place in the world. I am super proud to be from Big Beaver, Saskatchewan, Canada, population 55. It made me. It is so unconventional in comparison to anyone else I have met in my travels that it makes...

Pink Floyd Tribute Band

Magic Mushrooms, a Potential Quadriplegic Orgy, and a Pink Floyd Tribute Band

Magic Mushrooms, a Potential Quadriplegic Orgy, and a Pink Floyd Tribute Band It was the night before the concert.  He was at work in a factory but I was in his hot-rod garage hanging out when he sent me this message; ‘Should we eat magic mushrooms for the Pink Floyd tribute band?’  Holy…. I was not ready for that.  I wrote back; ‘Whoa.  I have not done something like that in about five years.  I am not sure if I...

Making Music in a Senior Citizen's Home

Making Music in a Senior Citizen’s Center

My father was hanging out with me in the basement, and then he began getting his band equipment together to haul upstairs to load into the car. He told me that he had a gig to play at the senior citizens’ home in Coronach, the next town over. My father is a very youthful 78-years-of-age. I asked him if he needed a roadie for making music. He was happy to have another set of hands to carry equipment, so I decided that I would join him for his performance. Once we got everything into the car, we had a quick sandwich in the house. As we were about to run out the door one of my brothers called. I knew we were short on time but my dad was too polite to say so and he talked to my brother as I watched the anxiousness build up in him as time was ticking by. Eventually, dad got off the phone and we jumped in the car to race the ordinary 15 minute drive from the ranch to town.

Guitars Trump Cars

Guitars Trump Cars

Guitars Trump Cars  The Dave Deighton Transcript: hen we were a lot younger, my grandmother gave us some money. She had these bonds, so she’d put some kind of money away. She did not have a lot of money, so when we used to go over there the only thing that we would usually get was, “Here’s 50 pence for an ice-lolly.” And at that point, we didn’t have a lot of money lying around when we were kids so that...