Suwon, South Korea – Toilet Incident

Suwon, South Korea - Toilet Incident
Suwon, South Korea - Toilet Incident

Toilet Incident
– Suwon, South Korea.

Never in my life has my privacy been so completely violated as it was one day when I had diarrhea in Suwon. That day has made me re-think any lingering childish intentions I may have ever had of becoming a voyeur.

My girlfriend and I went to visit a Korean Traditional Folk Village for the day, and I was hung-over from the night before. I made fun of Korea all day, pointing out to her the Korean Traditional Huts, the Korean Traditional Tools, the Korean Traditional Chickens, the Korean Traditional Sheep, and the Korean Traditional Amusement Park. We had been there for the better part of the day and the Korean Traditional Humidity put me in the mood for some Korean Traditional Lovin’ at my air-conditioned apartment, so I headed us toward the subway station. Feeling ill, I told her I had to stop at the bathroom before I could get on the train, and in the men’s bathroom in Suwon station, I found a stall second from the end of the row, the haven where I could straighten out some internal issues.

I sat down on the toilet and was already beginning to find life to be better when I noticed a hole about 3 cms wide in the wall between my stall and the stall to my left. The sight of the hole in the wall brought me back to a memory of being elementary school-aged, when some boy had drilled a hole in the wall between the men’s and women’s bathrooms at the rink in my town. My friends and I all knew about the hole and we used to talk about how one day we would probably get to peek through it at one of the girls and finally lay our eyes on those forbidden areas always hidden by clothes. But the girls would always discover our obvious hole and stuff it with empty crumpled up cigarette packages, so we never got the chance.

I looked around my stall again after drifting off and peered at that hole in my left wall towards the other stall. The background behind the hole was different and seemed to be darker. I assumed that whoever had previously been on the toilet had finished, left, and the door had remained open so that the back of the door was against the hole, thus changing the color of the background. I took another look at the hole and thought for a second that the dark background kind of looked like an eyeball with a pupil in the center of it. I took a closer look and the eyeball moved. I involuntarily freaked and yelled, “HEY!” The dark background disappeared and daylight could be seen through the hole again.

I couldn’t fucking believe it. I was rattled. Someone had just been watching me shit! I took a moment to collect my thoughts and realized I was infuriated with myself for not taking my finger and jamming it through the hole into that sick fucker’s eye on the other side. Why didn’t I?

I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, thinking about what to do. I wiped my ass and took the shitty part of the paper and stuffed it through the hole so that that sick fucker could have something else to look at. I finished up, pulled up my pants, and left.

My girlfriend could see it in my eyes that something was wrong, so I told her what had happened when she asked me. My mind was racing and I felt sick to my stomach as we got to the subway line to wait for the train to leave Suwon. Had that really just happened? Had I just caught a peeping-tom watching me shit? Then I got really pissed off at myself for leaving the bathroom. I started thinking about how I should have waited outside of his stall for him to open the door and fucking pounced on him. I could have yelled and warned him that I was there, or I could have just waited there in silence until he opened the door. Or I could have kicked his fucking door open and attacked him. But I did not do anything. I could not think to do anything. After we were leaving Suwon, thinking about how I did not do anything got me more riled up than the idea of someone spying on me shitting, which was the original cause of my anger. Fuck! I was so mad I was fuming. I was completely shaken for not reacting a lot more aggressively, and I was disturbed for hours afterwards. I am no fighter or tough guy, but I should have made that fucker pay. That was a serious violation of my being.

Almost a year has passed now, and I still get worked up when I think of this story. To this day it still pisses me off that I did not think to go after that fucking creep until it was too late to go after him. I had been so surprised by what had happened that I had not even thought of retaliation. That dirty hypocrite. He was probably one of those old men who claim that homosexuality doesn’t exist in Korea, that it’s a “white man’s disease,” yet there he was spying on a white man sitting on a toilet. I’ve done some creepy things in my life, but what that person did to me that day has somewhat tarnished my view on the rest of humanity. That fucking, fucking, bastard sonofabitch.


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