Sickness in Asunción

Sickness in Asunción
Plaza de los Heroes Asunción is an amazing city or beautiful abandoned buildings against the backdrop of the ugliest and most run-down buildings imaginable. City ‘Ying-Yang.’ Asunción, Paraguay.

Sickness in Asunción.
March 27.
I slept restlessly all night and did not get out of bed until noon.  I wanted the rest to heal.  My body has been trying to be sick since I was in London in early January, but I have been combating it with raw ginger and garlic.  I have decided to let it come, and maybe I can process it and get it out of my system.  I did not have time to be sick when I was partying in London.  I did not have time to be sick when I was about to fly to Morocco.  I did not have time to be sick in Brazil as Carnaval was right around the corner.  Right now, I am fairly bored in Asunción, Paraguay, waiting for Saturday when we will catch a bus to Uruguay.  You might as well come and get me now lingering bastard asshole cold.

I am sick. I have not eaten a bite of food the whole day and I have not had a drop of water.  The last time I took in anything was at about 11pm last night.  I am trying to dry up and suffocate this cold.  There is far less liquid leaking out of me at 8pm, but I think only because there is none left in me to waste.  I am sure this is not healthy, but there is the expression, ‘Starve a cold, feed a fever.’  But the problem is that it could be,’ Starve a fever, feed a cold.’  Tomorrow will tell.  About an hour ago I left the hostel for the first time today.  I went to a pub in Asunción and had a shot of Jim Bean.  It is my only liquid of the day.  It was terrible.  I thought that maybe it will kill anything inside of me that is making me sick. I was curious what it would do in my state, and that shot made my dehydrated body loopy, and I could feel it 20 minutes later in my right kidney.  Living for the moment I guess.

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