Nungwi Zanzibar: A Head of Exotic Follicles

Nungwi Zanzibar: A Head of Exotic Follicles

Nungwi Zanzibar: A Head of Exotic Follicles.
Dec 14
As I went for a walk, I heard a local girl say hello to me from a great distance.  I could just see that she was wearing an orange dress.  I was gone for about an hour and when I came back, she was sitting with a couple of local gentlemen on a step close to where my guesthouse is located.  As I came by, she was saying hello again and told me. “Oh, I love your hair.  I love it.  Can I touch it?”  So I bent down and I shook it in front of her face.  She had he hands in it and was telling me, “Oh, I love it.”  When I went to stand up straight again, she pointed to her hair and said that she was wearing a wig.  She wanted to know where I was from and how long I was staying and what I was doing here.  She said that she does not like her hair, because she does not have hair like mine, and that is why she wears a wig.  She was showing me the skin on her arm and said, “Mix is the best.  White person’s hair and black person’s skin, when they make a baby together, it is the best.”  I did not know I had Exotic Follicles.  I was smirking when I said to her, “Oh…I see where this is going.  I see what you are up to.  What are you doing later tonight?”  I winked at her.  Well, that sure embarrassed her.  She was not expecting that.  The guys sitting beside her were laughing and laughing.  She was far too big for me.  I would probably completely disappear underneath of that woman.

I spent much of the afternoon and most of the evening with a pretty girl from Switzerland named Stefanie.  She had been a resident here in Tanzania since February who does finances for an NGO.  She is the negotiation queen and seems to get whatever she wants for the price she wants to pay.  I guess that is knowing the actual value of things.  We had a really nice night together, but she had to go home at 21:00 to take care of some business.


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