Dogs Partying on the Beach in Todos Santos

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    Partied out!
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Dogs Partying on the Beach in Todos Santos.
Nov 19
We were up early to get to the realtors place to collect the keys and be lead 15 miles out of Todos Santos to Casa Tortuga, which is Kristen’s new habitat for the next six months.  The $1,200 a month house during the high season, secluded on the beach, has 6 meter ceilings and is a beautiful home that self sufficiently runs itself on solar energy.  The walls are 8 patio windows which face the ocean, and that should be enough, but there is more!  Get this…they open up entirely so that the house seems wall-less.

‘Here is a roof over your head during the day where you can hang out and there is the ocean.  Need to feel secure at night?  No problem.  Let’s just close those 8 patio door windows so that you can feel secure at night!’

It is amazing!  (Photos next blog!  Oh, the suspense…!)

Taking two dogs to the beach for the day is pretty awesome.  Dogs Partying!  It was especially awesome because one of them is a two year old Husky who has never seen the ocean before and has never really been off of a leash or totally free.

He was ecstatic!

It was for sure the greatest day of his life.  He was running as fast as he could down the beach, never previously having felt that complete freedom.  He was jumping into the ocean and experiencing the waves.

It was pure happiness and ecstasy. 


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He ran and played until he was so exhausted he could barely walk.  We got back to the house and those dogs were out cold on the floor from 20:00.

Wasn’t That a Party!

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