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The thong

The Thong

The Thong Alessio had been working in the hostel in Valencia for a while.  He told me that they had an older Colombian cleaning lady who had a great body.  He said she always wore thong-underwear that stuck out above her pants when she was bent over.  One day she was cleaning the bathroom and when she shut off the vacuum cleaner, she could hear a sound coming from one of the stalls that sounded like someone was masturbating.  Eventually...

The Power of an Old Crush

The Power of an Old Crush

The Power of an Old Crush. I had not seen her in about 10 years.  I used to have a massive crush on her 19 years ago when I was growing up.  I have been away for nearly a decade and recently returned for a spell.  We became friends on Facebook.  Then, two days ago I received this message from her: ‘Umm…Just FYI, Your Facebook pages tell me that you might be the coolest. person. ever. 🙂 Just want I...