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1939 Chevy

1939 Chevy and Telephones in the 1950’s

1939 Chevy, My First Truck -Transcript by my father, Milson Harris, b. 1936. t was a 1939 Chevy.  Yea, I do not know, dad made the deal for it.  I don’t imagine he paid very much for it.  It was pretty bad.  But yea, we were in the garage when we heard this noise in the yard and there was the truck sitting there, kind of in the middle of the yard, and the steam was rolling out all over...

A Goat for a Wedding Present

A Goat for a Wedding Present

A Goat for a Wedding Present It was a Friday afternoon when Fatty called me and asked if I want to go 50/50 in buying a goat with him for our friend Luke’s wedding present.  Fatty had originally asked Luke if he wanted a raccoon or a badger for the nuptial tribute.  Luke jokingly said, “A badger.”  But, short of time to try to catch one of those, Fatty came up with this other fantastic idea.  Gifting Luke and Kimberlee...