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1939 Chevy

1939 Chevy and Telephones in the 1950’s

1939 Chevy, My First Truck -Transcript by my father, Milson Harris, b. 1936. t was a 1939 Chevy.  Yea, I do not know, dad made the deal for it.  I don’t imagine he paid very much for it.  It was pretty bad.  But yea, we were in the garage when we heard this noise in the yard and there was the truck sitting there, kind of in the middle of the yard, and the steam was rolling out all over...

Regina – Beer Dog

Regina – Beer Dog

Regina – Beer Dog. September 5 Beaner told me that stench is added to propane because it is actually odourless.  That is my interesting fact of the day.  I wonder how it was agreed on what the international stench added would smell like.  Perhaps someone create a smell and everyone said, “This scent furthermore will represent propane and will never represent anything else.  Hereto, all propane processed on earth will have this specific smell added to its gastric compound.”  That...