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The thong

The Thong

The Thong Alessio had been working in the hostel in Valencia for a while.  He told me that they had an older Colombian cleaning lady who had a great body.  He said she always wore thong-underwear that stuck out above her pants when she was bent over.  One day she was cleaning the bathroom and when she shut off the vacuum cleaner, she could hear a sound coming from one of the stalls that sounded like someone was masturbating.  Eventually...

Porn is Killing Sex

Porn Is Killing Sex

Porn Is Killing Sex I was a young child in the 1980’s that grew into my teen years in the 1990’s. It was an era where having a quality VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) showed status. The VCR our family eventually bought to keep up with the neighbours and society was a thing of luxury at the time. It was in 1990, and it had a feature on it called ‘Timer Record’ that would actually record your TV shows for you...

Rio de Janeiro: Stalking a Crippled Masturbator

Rio de Janeiro: Stalking a Crippled Masturbator

Rio de Janeiro: Stalking a Crippled Masturbator. March 17. Our friend Csilla from Hungary is an English teacher here in Rio de Janeiro.  When she used to live in an apartment in downtown Rio, the doorman of her complex thought she was a prostitute.  An eastern European woman who had plenty of male visitors in business suits, who would stay for an hour and then leave again… St Patricks Day No Way.  I just do not feel like drinking right...