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Drunk on a Plane in China

Drunk on a Plane in China

Drunk on a Plane in China. Beijing, China. 3 July 2017. I was up at 09:00 to get cracking at our plans. Markus and I booked plane tickets for Manila, Philippines that leaves today. But first, there would be a 15 hour stopover in Quanzhau.  We think could be the first city we visited in China, but we are not sure. Markus called it a ‘Blank Flight.’ We went for a walk around Beijing but we were bored because we had a...

I befriended her on my walk. And then she gave me this pose. This is her rondavel, including satellite dish accessory.

Drunk Diaries – Sani Top Lodge, The Highest Pub in Africa

March 27 Usually, I think I am pretty sharp and a victor (or at least an equal against the competitors in the game of life)…but I was incapable of counting money about three minutes ago. The bartender was laughing at me.  Math is one of my strong suits.  I could not make my bills add to 30, and then when I tried to overcompensate that, I made them add to 70.  The bartender wanted to help me.  I told him,...