Livingstone: Sweet Beautiful

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    Fancy. This was at Emanuel's hotel. Places I stay in offer no such luxury.
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    I just really like the roof. So nice!
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    Livingstone Hotel.
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    He even finds the flowing river relaxing.
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    Monkeying around.
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    The five-star Livingstone Hotel.
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    Sunset cruise.
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    A beautiful sunset on the Zambezi River.
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    Gorgeous Patricia.

Livingstone: Sweet Beautiful.
March 6
Life.  Mine.  The zoo.  The chaos.

I really meant to take a day off today to work on about eight major things that need to be addressed.  It was my full intention.


It was not meant to be.

I met up with Emmanuel for lunch.  I have been in a backpacker hostel around white people so I have wanted white things.  It is amazing how that works.  I never crave a hamburger when I am the lone foreigner in the African countryside. But, I am in a hostel and I saw a billboard for hamburgers.  I wanted a hamburger.  Great.  So, Emmanuel had a pizza and I ate some garbage hamburger and fries that looked mouthwatering in the photo, but only turned out to be a 4/10 when I actually consumed it. I was disappointed in my cravings for such poison.

Livingstone Hotel.

Livingstone Hotel.

Emmanuel and I went for a drive and stopped at the Livingstone Hotel, which is a five-star resort complete with thatched roofs and monkeys causing mischief in the grass areas.  You can actually see the mist in the air from Victoria Falls not so far in the distance.  And those monkeys, whew, they are entertaining.  A mamma monkey was running across the steepest thatched roof ever with one arm around her baby to keep it from falling as she moved at crazy speeds and the baby hung on to his transportation tightly.  It is amazing to watch them.

Monkeying around.

Monkeying around.

There was a football game that Emmanuel wanted to watch, so we moved on to another place on the river near Livingstone that was just as beautiful.  When we walked in, one of the top three most beautiful women I have seen in Africa was sitting with two of her friends at the bar – she in the center of them.  I was infatuated by her.

I was subtly talking about the gorgeous woman to Emmanuel when her friend next to me caught on.  When the beauty went to the bathroom, I was waiting for her to come back.  Every time I heard someone walking, I turned, looking for her, but it was always someone else.  Then she came along again, in a peach dress and pretty pink lipstick to match her pink nails.  I made heavy eye contact with her.  She held my gaze, but then broke away.  She was a little shy.  She sat between her friends.

When I went to look at her a couple of minutes later, she seemed to be waiting for my gaze and said hello the moment we made eye contact.  Awesome!

Emmanuel asked her in their native tongue why she was not talking to me.  Emmanuel has been not only a great friend for two days, but also a wonderful asset in all situations.  The girl changed chairs with her friend and sat next to me.  Wonderful.

[su_quote] I never ever thought I would meet someone like you.  Not in my wildest dreams. [/su_quote]



She, Patricia, was in the bar for Sunday drinks because it was her 21st birthday and she spent most of the rest of the evening chatting with Emmanuel and I.  I wanted to watch the sun set on the river and she came with me.  Things escalated.  I had such a huge crush on her.  I cannot remember the last time I felt such a rush over a girl I was after… It has been a little while.

She had quotes like:
“I feel so lucky, like I need to take every opportunity with you.”
“I never ever thought I would meet someone like you.  Not in my wildest dreams.”

Nice words!

Well, my life seems to be on a roll.  Patricia and I could not have hit it off better.  She was just so sweet and so cute.  Even when she was angry with some man, who was not being nice to her friend, she was still sweet.

A beautiful sunset on the Zambezi River.

A beautiful sunset on the Zambezi River.

At 21:00, Emmanuel drove Patricia, her friend, and I back towards the center of Livingstone.  On the way, we were stopped in a police check and they wanted to make Emmanuel blow into the breathalyzer.  I knew that was not going to turn out well as I had drank six big beers and Emmanuel the same.  He was so charming when he got out of the truck to talk to the lady-police officer and she was giggling at him.  He went to blow into the machine and when the results came though, he was clear, got back in the truck, and the lady cop sent us on.  I could not believe it, so I asked Emmanuel how he had pulled that off.  He told me that he knows how to beat the machine by blowing into it and then sucking the air back out of it which confuses the machine and gives him a pass.  Wow!

Emmanuel drove Patricia and I to my hostel in Livingstone. I went in to check on the price of a double-room.  They wanted $45 at the hostel, so I told the guy that I could not afford it and said that I would have to take a gross and disgusting room elsewhere.  The guy working the counter, Connor, told me to go next door to the Red Cross and I would find something cheap there, though he did not know the price.

Red Cross.  Double room.  $15.32.  Sweet!  “I will take it!”

I ran to get Patricia from the truck, made plans to meet Emmanuel in the morning for breakfast and rushed to get back to the hotel with beautiful, wonderful, sweet Patricia.  I registered at reception and then Patricia and I went into my room where I had sex with one of the three most attractive women I have seen so far in all of Africa.  ME!  I got to do that!

Patricia was stroking my chest with her hand.  She told me, “Your body.  So perfect.  I love the hair.  And I love cats.  I love to pet them.  I love the fur.”


What a day…

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