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Lake Bunyonyi: Hard Work is Hard Work.

Lake Bunyonyi: Hard Work is Hard Work

Lake Bunyonyi: Hard Work is Hard Work. Feb 9 I woke up in a wonderful cottage clinging to the side of a hill with a terrace overlooking a beautiful lake with mountains behind the water.  It is gorgeous here on Lake Bunyoni.  Amasiko Eco-Farm is just that.  It also has cottages for visitors.  It is also a green-school for primary students.  Wilfred is a busy man. It turns out that I am in a village called Hamukaaka! Breakfast was at...

Vladivostok Russia, Russian women

Absinthe and Russian Women of Vladivostok

Absinthe and Russian Women Vladivostok, Russia e flew to Vladivostok, Russia, just north of the North Korean border in July. We may as well have flown to the end of the earth. Vladivostok, Russia is about the last place anyone would ever think to visit, let alone go to for an adventure with underlying hopes of getting laid. We arrived at the airport at 5:30 pm and a man from our pre-booked hotel was standing there with a sign. I...