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The Jacket and Signs in Life

Signs in Life and The Jacket

Signs in Life and the Jacket. Life has a crazy flow and vibe, and things happen that are incomprehensible to us humans.  But there is certainly an underlying layer the threads the eyes of the needles of life.  There is just no other way to explain why and how things happen that are just too much of a coincidence to be just that.  I call them the ‘Signs in Life.’  Actually, Bob Dylan called them the signs in life and...

Sundre to Penhold: A Cool Trifecta

Sundre to Penhold: A Cool Trifecta

Sundre to Penhold: A Cool Trifecta. September 10.  Maybe I am not supposed to be a writer and maybe my path in life is to bring old friends together…people who have not seen each other in many years.  Today was a trifecta of awesome. Priscilla cooked bacon and hash-brown cuisine for breakfast and we started out day.  A snowy day. This is an absurd amount of snow outside.  It is like January out there and it is just out of...