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Iron Maiden, Download Festival.

Iron Maiden, Download Festival – Day 3

Iron Maiden, Download – Day 3. June 12 It was pouring rain when we left Dan and Emma’s house in Nottingham. Sunshine would be unreasonable at Downland Festival anyhow… Whatever… We were ready to get into it again!  We had garbage bags in our pockets for extra-dryness covering.  Dan and I jumped on the bus to take us to the festival.  To say traffic was backed up would be an understatement.  A thirty minute bus ride from Nottingham became two...

Black Sabbath, Download Festival.

Black Sabbath, Download Festival – Day 2

Black Sabbath, Download – Day 2. June 11 Dan made breakfast for Emma and I and then Dan’s contact came through with two weekend passes for Download Festival that we could have for a £60 donation.  I sure wish that had happened yesterday before I blew £190 on my pass.  Then once Dan and I made it to the festival a girl was standing beside the box office to give away an extra weekend pass she had for free…. [su_note...