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Getting a Chinese Tourist Visa in Bangkok

How to Get a Chinese Tourist Visa in Bangkok

Background: So, the Chinese tourist visa is a bit elusive and somewhat tricky to get. The rules for getting a Chinese visa vary depending on what country you are standing in. It is strange how there are no real consistencies.  Here is what I know: I travel on a Canadian passport, and entered the Chinese embassy in Prague, Czech Republic, where I asked if it was possible to apply for the tourist visa there on a non-Czech passport. The lady behind the counter said it was no...

Travel North Korea - Pyongyang

Travel North Korea – Pyongyang – Part 3

Travel North Korea – Pyongyang. Pyongyang, North Korea. 24 June, 2017 (cont’d). * (For the previous part, click here: Crossing from China to North Korea – Part 2) After I met my North Korean guide Kim at the train station, the first thing he did was take my passport away from me.  Since I was the only English speaker on the trip, I would have my own personal guide while the Chinese would share theirs. My guide Kim would be by...

San Cipriano

Cali to San Cipriano – Motorcycle Rail Trolleys

Cali to San Cipriano – Motorcycle Rail Trolleys 15 July I found a note that my Japanese friends from my room had left my sitting on top of my bag with their email addresses when I woke up. Apparently marijuana made me entertaining last night and they did not want to leave without giving me a way to contact them someday. Japanese are nice. Except in war… I hung out with a Chinese girl for a couple of hours after...