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Making Music in a Senior Citizen's Home

Making Music in a Senior Citizen’s Center

My father was hanging out with me in the basement, and then he began getting his band equipment together to haul upstairs to load into the car. He told me that he had a gig to play at the senior citizens’ home in Coronach, the next town over. My father is a very youthful 78-years-of-age. I asked him if he needed a roadie for making music. He was happy to have another set of hands to carry equipment, so I decided that I would join him for his performance. Once we got everything into the car, we had a quick sandwich in the house. As we were about to run out the door one of my brothers called. I knew we were short on time but my dad was too polite to say so and he talked to my brother as I watched the anxiousness build up in him as time was ticking by. Eventually, dad got off the phone and we jumped in the car to race the ordinary 15 minute drive from the ranch to town.

Bengough: Motocross Awesome-Sauce

Bengough: Motocross Awesome-Sauce

Bengough: Motocross Awesome-Sauce. August 27. Becoming a farm-kid again is a transition that seems natural, but in a way it is a slow process.  I am out of practice and out of farm-kid shape.  I have the calluses of a writer. In the evening I went to see my friend Chad in Bengough.  I got to his house and he had two motocross bikes in his garage.  I couldn’t resist.  I spent about 15 years on bikes like those, but...