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Crossing from China to North Korea

Crossing from China to North Korea – Part 2

Crossing from China to North Korea. [su_note note_color=”#b0b1bb” text_color=”#030303″ radius=”6″]Disclaimer: You probably want to read about how scary and frightening it was to cross from China into North Korea to spend some days in the Hermit Kingdom.  You probably want to hear how I dangerous it was and the terror I felt every minute that I was within the country. It was none of that. It was nothing like you would ever imagine. A trip to North Korea is a...

Crossing San Diego to Tijuana

Border Crossing San Diego to Tijuana: Day 1

Nov 16 We got a late start, and by the time we were ready to cross the border, it was noon.  We left San Diego and headed for Tijuana.  Crossing San Diego to Tijuana… Signs along the side of the road as we neared the border said, ‘Guns are Illegal in Mexico,’ and ‘Medical Marijuana is Illegal in Mexico.’  At the border, I saw the sign that Fatty and I mostly missed the last time I did this, 14 years...