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Sturgis Biker Rally 2018 - Journal

Sturgis Biker Rally 2018 – Journal

Sturgis Biker Rally 2018 – Journal. 7 August 2018 ..Not Larry and I took Vern the Van to the car doctor. There has been a situation with Vern dripping oil from the cover on the rear-differential. The problem was that we needed someone to get the rounded-off fill-plug out of the rear-end (…that sounds like a perversion). It took four different places to find someone who would work on it, but someone finally took on the job. That cost $45...

Earth Revolutions

My Earth Revolutions

Earth Revolutions. Maybe it is common knowledge but perhaps it is not… I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days and it is likely that no one has had to think about it unless it has happened to them… When you fly around this planet from east to west, you lose a day of your life when you cross the International Date Line. One day full of your life! Poof! Gone! Somewhere between Canada and Australia...