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They Charged Me with Murder

They Charged Me with Murder

“They Charged me with Murder” -Live transcript of my friend Mr. P. [su_dropcap]A[/su_dropcap]s a kid I was quite into boxing, trying to pursue that and fitness…constantly going to the gym.  But it didn’t really tweak with me that I’d never really have the dedication.  But I knew what I was doing.  I went to the gym and I’d been training for a long time. I went on a night out with me friends.  It got to the point where we’re...

Pablo Escobar Tour, Meeting Roberto Ecsobar – Medellin

Pablo Escobar Tour – 22 July 2014, The tour bus picked me up from my hostel.  I was on the afternoon Pablo Escobar Tour because the morning tour was full, but there were only three of us this morning.  That would allow me a lot of room to ask a lot of questions!  I am a tour guide’s dream for a while.  But then he tires of having to answer so many questions, many of which he has never had to...

Tinku Festival in Bolivia – Part 2, The Fights

Breakfast was at 8:30am, and I was the last to arrive. I was still feeling effects of the chicha, the local corn-moonshine we had been drinking with the locals last night when the fiesta began. It was a breakfast that would have pleased me had it been a couple of hours later. But, after a quick meal of bread and jam, my Swedish friends and I headed towards the square to see what was taking place.