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Cartagena: South American Exit

Cartagena: South American Exit

Cartagena: South American Exit. August 12. For days Marc and I have been talking about how we do not get hungover from Club Colombia beer because it is not very strong.  Today was a different day.  We had plans to go to Playa Blanca today, but I was too hungover and tired to be able to get out of bed at 8:30am.  When I opened my eyes again it was 11am.  Club Colombia cervesa finally got me. We had a...

Cartagena – One Last Ripper.

Cartagena – One Last Ripper

Cartagena – One Last Ripper. August 11. Riding a boat from Cartagena to Panama though the San Blas Islands sounds like a great time.  But, when you go to the meeting in the morning to find out about the crossing and there are two Aussie dudes, one old and one young, and an Aussie chick who is the girlfriend of the young one, and an older Japanese man who does not speak English at all and a gay man in...