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Ciudad del Este to Encarnación

Ciudad del Este to Encarnación

March 23 Ciudad del Este to Encarnación. Ciudad del Este is not a necessary place to spend time, unless you want to hang out at a really cool hostel, which the Casa Alta is, and really nice people work there.  But, we decided to get out of the second largest city in Paraguay to head to Encarnación.  We went to the bus station and the man behind the counter tried to skin tax us an extra 10%, but Irmante caught it...

Itaipú Dam

Ciudad del Este and Itaipú Dam

March 22. This date is usually a very crazy day for me.  The life-changing event of 2011, 2012, and 2013 all took place on March 22.  It is a weird day for me.  It is also my brother’s birthday, and we had an awesome visit today, which is a nice way to have the day this year. It took Irmante and I forever to get moving as I have a million things to do before I could leave the hostel.  Eventually,...